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6 Signs You’ve Chosen a Quality Wood Floor Company

quality wood floor companyDeciding on a quality wood floor company can be a challenge. There are many different aspects of the company that should be considered before an agreement is made. That’s why the experts here at SVB Wood Floors have put together a list of the six signs to look for to know you’ve chosen the right company. 

1. Liability Insurance

Every professional company should have a liability policy in place. This protects you legally from accidents that could occur on the job. They are crucial when deciding upon a company. We have had no claims in our company history.

2. Workers Compensation Insurance

A company that takes care of their workers, will take care of you. When you are looking for a quality wood floor company, make sure they have workers compensation insurance, so that any injuries that occur during the project will be taken care of by the company. SVB Wood Floors has never filed a workers compensation claim in our company’s history.

3. Certifications & Training 

Certifications and training should be taken into consideration. Just keep in mind, technology is continuously advancing. Receiving a certification or passing a training course 20 years ago is not the same as completing it in the past five years. Some certifications to look for include: NWFA & Bona Certified Craftsman Program, and any skills obtained at the annual Bona BCCP or NWFA conventions. You can find our employees attending these conventions every year.

4. Experience 30+ Years

Hardwood floors last decades if installed right. That’s why it’s extremely important to look into the years of experience each company has. Here at SVB Wood Floors, we have been installing, refinishing, and restoring wood floors to the Kansas City metro area since 2003. Our experts have industry experience ranging all the way up to 30+ years. 

5. Dustless Refinishing

99.8% less dust is always a good thing. That is why we highly recommend looking into a company that offers dustless refinishing. Dustless refinishing makes your life a whole lot easier. There is no need to seal off doorways or rooms. You can sit back, relax and watch this state-of-the-art system do all the work. 

6. Custom Stains

Don’t settle for the generic colors a given company has. Make sure you get the color that is right for you and your home. It’s best to find a company that can mix custom colors to fit your needs. Make sure this custom stain is included in the original quote so you don’t have the work started and get an unexpected number on your bill. Our custom finishes are always included in the original price.

If you are looking for a quality wood floor company, look no further than SVB Wood Floors. Call today at (816) 965-8655 if you would like a copy of our policies or to receive more information.

12 Critical Questions to Ask before You Hire a Hardwood Flooring Contractor


At SVB Wood Floors, we know that hiring the right contractor is critical in getting the home of your dreams. So what exactly should you look for in a hardwood floor contractor? The experts at SVB Wood Floors have created this checklist to help you make the most informed decision. Make sure to ask these 15 questions before you hire any hardwood flooring company:

1. Does the Contractor Have a Proper Business Liability Policy in Place?

Any legitimate wood flooring contractor should have a liability policy in place. SVB Wood Floor Service, Inc. carries a 2 million dollar general liability policy. We do not have any claims in our company history and a copy of this policy is also available upon request. We also maintain an active workers’ compensation policy and have had no claims in our company history. This policy is also available upon request.


2. Does the Contractor Use Subcontractors? If So, Do They Have Proper Insurance Policies?

Hiring a company that uses subcontractors means you may be unsure of their qualifications. At SVB Wood Floors, we don’t subcontract our work. All of our trusted technicians are in-house, uniformed personnel. Each crew has an assigned crew leader, who has been through multiple years of training, before being placed into this lead position.


3. Is the Contractor a Member of the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association)?

The SVB team currently holds multiple certifications with the NWFA for installation, sanding and finishing, sales advising, environmental awareness, and craftsman degrees. Additionally, SVB’s owner, Steve Brattin, is a NWFA board member and holds positions on NWFA committees.

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4. What Industry Technical Training and Accreditation Have They Received?

In an industry that is constantly making advancements, it’s important to choose a contractor who values keeping up with the latest certifications and accreditations. SVB and its employees are certified with the Bona Certified Craftsman Program. Installation, sanding/finishing techniques, and skills are updated at annual Surfaces, Bona BCCP and NWFA conventions, along with other training classes offered throughout the year by these organizations.


5. What Kind of Warranty Does the Contractor Offer?

Hardwood flooring is a big investment, so make sure you choose a contractor who’s got your back. We offer a warranty for the period of one year for the materials and workmanship we supply. A copy of this warranty is available upon request.


6. Does the Contractor Offer Customer Care for the Life of Your Floor?

Sure, a contractor can get the job done, but are they qualified to maintain your floors beyond installation? SVB offers the following methods of care for the life of your floor.


7. Where Does the Contractor Obtain the Flooring Materials? What Steps Are Followed to Ensure the Flooring Is Acclimated Properly to Our Region?

Get to the source of your wood floors. It’s important that contractors know where materials come from and know how to properly acclimate them to our region. SVB obtains all of its materials from reputable mills and wholesalers who kiln dry and warehouse the product to meet the demands of the MO & KS climates. All wood flooring received by SVB is dated upon arrival and checked for proper moisture readings. The material is then stored in our warehouse to ensure it has been acclimated to the Midwest region and is ready for installation.


8. What Process Is Used for Dust Mitigation?

Nobody wants the stress of a dusty mess once your wood floors have been installed, which is why SVB uses a state-of-the-art dust extraction system which evacuates the dust from your home to our trailer-mounted Bona containment system.

These units are very powerful and generate 99.8% less dust than traditional methods, which makes the process much more convenient. Plus, with this state-of-the-art system, there is no need for sealing off doorways and you won’t be left cleaning dust particles for months to come.


9. Is the Exact Type of Stain and Finish Specified on the Estimate?

It’s important to have options, but even more important to have the highest quality options. SVB specifies the exact type of finishes available on all projects. All finishes are not created equal, and SVB only uses the best on the market, which is included in our price.

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10. Is the Moisture Content of the Materials and Relative Humidity of the Environment Logged and Monitored as Set Forth by the NWFA Guidelines?

SVB logs and monitors the moisture content of the wood when it is delivered and verifies that the materials are acclimated properly for your job site before installation begins. SVB also logs and monitors the relative humidity of your job site.

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11. Is the Contractor Willing to Compromise Acclimation to Accommodate Your Schedule?

Acclimation is a critical step in the process of installing hardwood floors. It lessens the chances of gapping and other problems down the road. While we do everything possible to meet our clients’ demands and deadlines, we will never compromise the acclimation process as it is a necessary step in the process and should not be skipped.


12. Does the Contractor Provide You with Cleaning Products and Cleaning Care Instructions?

SVB will provide you with a complete Bona Floor cleaning kit and care instructions at the end of your project. Also, we sell a variety of Bona cleaning and maintenance products and services to keep your floors looking their best for years to come. Each floor completed by SVB is registered and certified with the Bona Certified Craftsman Program.

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Make sure you do your homework before hiring a hardwood floor company to repair, refinish, or install your hardwood floors. Give us a call at (816) 965-8655 or schedule an appointment online today!


8 Ways You’re Destroying Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are one of the most beautiful and valuable features of any home. Highly desired by buyers, rich, gleaming hardwood can last for years due to its unique ability to be renewed through the process of sanding and refinishing.

Still, you can keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful for years, without the need for refinishing, if you follow some basic dos and don’ts. First, let’s look at eight things you’re doing that could be ruining your hardwood floors:

1. Using the Wrong Cleaner & Supplies

svb-wood-floor-cleaning-supplies-kcIf you’re using abrasives like scrubbing pads or harsh chemical cleaning solutions, stop! They’re damaging your floors!

Use a mild detergent (sparingly) and don’t pour it directly onto the floor. Apply the product to a microfiber cloth or mop instead.

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2. Using a Steam Mop

Don’t use one of the popular steam mops on the market on your hardwood floors. Using steam is like pouring hot water on your floor and using water is one of the worst things you can do for your  wood floors.

3. High Heels & Things That Squeal  

puppy-claws-pets-on-hardwood-floor-svb-kcYou should always avoid walking on your hardwood floors in high heels. They can scratch and even cause indentations over time (especially if the heel is small in diameter because it puts all the pressure in a small space).

If you have pets, trim their nails or have them wear pet booties. If they’re prone to accidents, clean and dry the spots immediately. Waiting to clean up after your pet, even a little while, can cause a permanent stain and an odor that is next to impossible to completely remove.

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4. Using a Vacuum Without a Wood Floor Attachment

Don’t vacuum your wood floors unless your vacuum has an attachment specifically made for wood floor care. The beater bars on your vacuum can and will “beat” your floor and cause damage.

5. Area Rugs with Rubber Backing

Area rugs or mats with a rubber or vinyl backing shouldn’t be used on hardwood floors. Why? Some materials in the backing can react with certain floor finishing causing discoloration or causing the finish to dull.

6. Too Much Sunshine (Yes, It’s a Thing)

hardwood-floors-sun-damage-svb-kcToo much sunshine can cause your wood floors to dull significantly faster than they normally would. Keep the sun off your floors by closing blinds or draperies on harsh, sunny days. This way you can still let the light in without doing as much damage over time.

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7. Applying Wax to a Urethane Finish

Stop right there! Plain and simple, you should never apply wax to a floor with a urethane finish.

8. Waiting Too Long to Refinish

While it may seem like a big project, don’t wait too long to refinish. Surface scratches can become a permanent problem, trapping dirt and dulling the floor’s finish. Choose a wood flooring company that will make this process painless and you’ll have it done in no time!

Quick Tips On Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

Take good care of your wood floors by wiping up any spills immediately, starting from the edges of the spill and working towards the center. Regularly remove dust and loose dirt with either a dry mop or a broom with exploded tips. Avoid radical swings in temperature and humidity by using an air conditioner in summer and a humidifier in winter. The goal is  to maintain a temperature of 70-72 degrees and a relative humidity of 50-55 percent. Care for your floors and they’ll provide you with years of beauty and enjoyment!


Whether you’re looking for damage repair or a totally customized installation, we’ll take care of it all! Contact the award-winning professionals at SVB today to take care of your next wood flooring project.



Are Wood Floors Environmentally Friendly? The Answer May Surprise You!

svb-wood-floor-envrionmentally-friendly-hardwood-kansas-cityHardwood floors deplete forests, right? Wrong! This is a myth believed by many, but the facts say otherwise. Wood is a renewable resource and according to the USDA Forest Service, harvesting trees has “minimal environmental impact.” They report that for every cubic foot of trees harvested, 1.66 cubic feet are regrown. And while it’s true that it takes decades for a tree to mature, the inventory planted today won’t be needed for over 100 years.

In fact, since 1953, the inventory of standing hardwood in the U.S. has grown by more than 90% and is currently estimated at 328 billion cubic feet. So what are some of the other environmental benefits of choosing hardwood floors? Here are just a few:

At SVB, we believe the difference is in the details. Find out more about our installation process and how we earned 2016 Wood Floor of the Year.

Wood Is Carbon Neutral

Wood produces oxygen while it’s growing and stores carbon during its service as lumber for building homes, or as furniture, flooring, etc. In addition, production of hardwood flooring causes minimal emission of carbon dioxide, and no emission of other particulates that contribute to global warming such as methane and nitrogen oxide. Furthermore, wood floor production uses less water and energy than is required to produce other types of flooring.

Wood Floors Last Longer

svb-wood-floors-living-room-environmentally-friendly-hardwoodAccording to the National Association of Home Builders, because hardwood flooring can potentially last hundreds of years, it won’t need replacing nearly as often as other flooring options. Plus, at the end of its life, hardwood flooring can be burned for fuel or recycled into other useful products.

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Better Indoor Air Quality

svb-wood-floors-bright-kitchen-kansas-cityAccording to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality is much better with hardwood floors. This is echoed by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), who say that hardwood floors are an “ideal choice for people suffering from allergies or asthma.”

There are so many practical, environmentally sound reasons, apart from its warmth and beauty, why hardwood flooring is the number one flooring choice of homeowners across America.

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Have more questions? Contact us online or give us a call today at (816) 965-8655. Big or small, we’d love to help with your next hardwood flooring project.




How to Protect Wood Floors from Paws, Claws, and In-Laws

worn-wood-floorMaintaining your home’s wood floors requires regular cleaning and the occasional sanding and refinishing. You will notice, however, that the areas with the most traffic will take a beating.

Whether it’s kids and pets running in and out or you host frequent family gatherings, you cannot help notice scratches and chips in unprotected floors. Use these tips to protect the wood floors in the high-traffic areas of your home.


runner-entryway-rug-hardwood-floor-protection-SVBOne of the easiest ways to prevent damage to your wood floors is by placing rugs in your high traffic areas. Using a rug in your entryway is most likely obvious, but remember that you can find rugs in all shapes and sizes that will work in other high-traffic areas.

Consider using a long runner or two in your hallways, or large area rugs in your dining room, living room, family room, and kitchen. See picture for design inspiration.

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Door Mats

dog-on-door-matOutdoor mats in front of all your entryways are the first defense against damaging your hardwood floors. Little pieces of dirt, small pebbles, leaves and sometimes larger objects may get stuck in a person’s shoes. One may also inadvertently carry some of these objects inside so they find their way deep into your home.

If you place a mat at your entryway, you can encourage your family members and guests to wipe their feet each time they enter. Even when they don’t purposefully wipe their feet, walking on the mat oftentimes remove some of the dirt and sand that may damage your floor.


Felt Pads

felt-pads-on-furnitureThe first thing you should do when you install wood floors, or move into a home with wood floors, is put felt pads on your furniture. You can find them at any big box retailer or hardware store; they are inexpensive and may save you loads of money in repairs.

Helpful Tip: Inspect and replace these every six months or so as they can fall off and gather grit over time.


Although you may assume that you don’t need them because your furniture is heavy and will not move, all it takes is one false step, a few hyper kids or rowdy pets and you will find large scratches or gouges in your floor.

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No-Shoe Policy



Some hardwoods are softer than others. Not all shoes will cause floor damage, but stiletto heels and other narrow high heels may leave marks on softer floors.

Pebbles may easily get caught in the sole of tennis shoes and other casual shoes. Sometimes rugs and mats will not remove them, so consider enforcing a no-shoes-in-the-house-policy, especially for family members.

Looking for more ways to better care for your wood floors? Check out SVB’s blog for more helpful tips and information from the experts or contact us today for more information.

Don’t Let Summer Sun Fade Your Hardwood Floors. Try These Tips Today!


sun-damage-hardwood-floors-darm-svbYour hardwood floors are a big investment, but a wise one that can pay you back by providing years of beauty, and by adding substantially to the resale value of your home. Like any other home investment, they require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. You choose cleaners specially formulated to preserve their finish, and keep water to a minimum in caring for them, but have you taken steps to protect them from the damage caused by sun exposure? The team at SVB Wood Floors has some tips to share on protecting your wood floors from the sun.


Too Much Sun = Major Fading for Your Wood Floors

Just as too much sun exposure can damage your skin, too much sunlight can also wreak havoc on your hardwood floors! Over time, sunlight can fade and discolor your floors, and even cause warping in more severe cases. To see if your floors are fading from the sun, pick a room with maximum sun exposure and lift the corner of a rug or a piece of furniture to assess the difference in color. This will show you just how much damage your floors have encountered from the sun.

Fortunately, there are some simple and effective steps you can take to prevent sun damage from occurring in the first place. Here’s a few tips on how to prevent the sun from fading your hardwood floors:


1. Close the Blinds: Too much sun can be a bad thing, which is why you should close blinds, shades or draperies during the daytime. If you currently don’t have window coverings, make this relatively inexpensive investment as soon as possible — your floors will thank you!

2. Consider Window Tinting: UV resistant tinted windows will also do the job. If you’re installing new windows, look seriously as this option. You can also have UV tinting applied to existing windows.

3. Try Landscaping Near Windows: Plant trees or shrubs in front of windows to help block the rays. (Bonus: They’ll also add beauty and interest to the outside of your house!)

4. Rotate Your Furniture: Doing this won’t completely stop sun damage, but it will help slow down the fading of furniture by balancing out the amount of time different areas are exposed to sun. An added benefit of rearranging is it will also bring new life to the room!


Too Late for Damage Control?

If your floors have already been damaged beyond repair, there’s no need to worry! The professionals at SVB Wood Floors can bring your floors back to their original gleaming beauty.  

We employ a superior, dust-free sanding and refinishing system that guarantees a gorgeous result every time. We recently won the 2016 Wood Floor of the Year award from the National Wood Flooring Association and we’re ready to apply our expertise to your project, no matter the size or scope!

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Check out our website and see how SVB Wood Floors can bring your tired wood floors back to life again. Also, take a look at our blog for tips and tricks regarding all things hardwood flooring.


The Difference Between Pre-Finished & Engineered Wood Floors


Looking to save money and time on your hardwood flooring installation? If so, pre-finished and engineered wood floors are the two best options for you.

Many of our customers ask about the differences between pre-finished and engineered wood flooring, which is why we’re breaking it down for you in order to help you decide which is the best hardwood flooring option for you!


What’s the Difference?

Pre-finished wood floors are pre-finished in the factory, hence the name, so that they can be installed quickly in your home or commercial building. By finishing them in the factory, you avoid the mess involved with sanding and finishing regular wood floors.

SVB Wood Floors:  Pre-Finished Wood Floor Installations

Cost is lower for pre-finished floors because finishing done in a factory setting is less labor-intensive, therefore saving labor costs. Also, pre-finished floors are typically more durable than site-finished floors because the finishing is done in a temperature-controlled, dust-free environment.


Engineered wood floors originally were designed for use in places where moisture could not be controlled, such as on a concrete slab. As opposed to a solid piece of wood, which will warp when exposed to moisture, engineered wood planks are composed of multiple layers of wood that are glued, pressed, heated, and then covered with a thin veneer of wood on top.

This process makes the flooring less susceptible to warping. Engineered floors with a thin veneer typically cannot be refinished, however, many modern engineered wood floors are made with a thicker veneer that makes refinishing possible. Engineered wood is less expensive than solid wood because less expensive woods are used for the lower layers.


Need more help deciding between pre-finished & engineered hardwood flooring? Contact SVB Wood Floors today to find out more about our Award-Winning wood flooring!  


SVB Wood Floors Wins 2016 Wood Floor of the Year Award from NWFA

2016 NWFA Expo on Thursday, April 28, 2016, in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by David Stluka)

SVB Wood Floors is proud to announce that we have been awarded the 2016 Wood Floor of the Year by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)! SVB was chosen out of 51 entries made by NWFA members from throughout the United States, Canada, Russia, and Finland.

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Making our customers dreams a reality is something we take pride in, which is why we’re giving you an exclusive look at our award-winning project, along with a big thank you to our loyal customers.


Inside the Award-Winning Project

SVB was awarded Wood Floor of the Year in the Best Manufacturer Factory Finished category. The project entered was a beautiful old-world, traditional estate set on acreage overlooking its own private lake.  

The final plans for the flooring project featured five designs in various areas throughout the estate. Once the plans were finalized, Steve Brattin turned to Distinctive Floor’s, Dan Antes, to create the walnut flooring. This project required intricate hand-beveling with a circle-sawn and wire-brushed surface. Once the flooring was milled, it was shipped to WD Flooring to be finished with hardwax oil. See the finished project below:


Steve Brattin said, crediting his crew, that the actual installation of the 3,000 square feet of flooring was “uneventful.” Given the complexity of this project, it says a lot about our team here at SVB. Whether we are installing the wood floor of the year, or doing a much simpler project, SVB is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and installation for all of our customers.



SVB Wood Floors: Your Trusted Hardwood Professionals

SVB is a one-stop shop for all of your hardwood flooring needs, providing a wide variety of services  from basic refinishing and dustless sanding to expert craftsmanship and customization. It’s our attention to detail, professional quality installation, and dedication to customer satisfaction that makes us your top choice in hardwood flooring services.

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SVB Wood Floors has always aimed to provide the highest quality product in conjunction with the highest quality customer service, and we are proud and humbled to be considered Kansas City’s hardwood floor specialists.

We are truly grateful for the honor of being awarded 2016 Wood Floor of the Year by the NWFA, and for the opportunity to continue serving our loyal customers and all future customers to come.


Whether you’re looking to repair, install, or refinish your hardwood floors, leave it to the experts at SVB Wood Floors. Check out our gallery to see more of our past projects we’re proud of!


Don’t Settle for Just Any Stain Color: All About SVB’s Process



Why settle for a pre-mixed stain when your hardwood floors can be as unique as you are! At SVB Wood Floors, we don’t want you to choose just any stain color, and that is why we offer the option of custom stain colors.

We have many beautiful pre-mixed stains, but with our ability to mix and match them, we can give you the exact stain color you’ve been searching for. Here’s how we do it at SVB Wood Floors.


Before the Stain

Before you choose the perfect stain color, SVB goes through a unique process to ensure the quality and durability of your wood floors. Here’s what to expect before you choose a stain:

Step 1 – Free Consultation: First, we will walk you through our hardwood floor checklist to decide on the type of hardwood, species, width of planks and more to ensure you are completely happy with your selection.

Step 2 – Preparation: In order to install your beautiful new hardwood floors, we need to remove as much as possible from the areas being redone. This includes furnishings, drapes, paintings etc.  

Step 3 – Installation: Next, we install the planks and sand them for smoothness. There is no need to leave your home or seal off your rooms during this process because of SVB’s unique dustless sanding process.

Now that you have a blank canvas, we help you find the right stain for your home.



Test Them Out on Your Floors

SVB always arrives at the job with every Duraseal stain color we offer on hand and ready to test. This makes the customization of your stain color that much easier.

First, our professionals will get a feel for what you are looking for in a stain color, and from there you will decide which of our pre-mixed Duraseal stain colors you’d like to test. SVB uses the highest quality Duraseal stain colors, providing you with the best options from the start.

Once you have chosen a few, we test them directly on your wood floors to compare them side-by-side. We believe that seeing the stain colors on your actual floor can help narrow down what you are looking for. Afterall, different wood species show color differently.

Mix & Match

Say you test two pre-made colors and you want a little more red, or a little more brown. We’ve got you covered! We can mix and match any of our Duraseal stain colors to create the exact color you’re looking for.


We Keep Your Color on File

Once you’ve decided on your unique stain color, you will sign a stain sign off sheet. This way you know exactly what your stain color is made up of, and that you are getting exactly what you asked for. Even better, we keep your one-of-a-kind stain color on file in case you ever need to reference it in the future!

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If you’re considering refinishing, replacing, or adding a wood floor, give us a call at (816) 965-8655 or check out our website. We’ll walk you through every step and make sure you’re thrilled with the final result.


Everything You Need to Consider When Choosing a Stain for Your Hardwood Floors


All stains are not created equal, and here at SVB Wood Floors we understand that. Once a stain color is set, it can only be changed by re-sanding and re-staining, so it pays to consider all of the factors when choosing a stain color for your hardwood floors.

Below are SVB’s top items that homeowners should consider when choosing a stain for their hardwoods.




Different species of wood absorb stain differently, which is why it is crucial to consider this while choosing a stain color. For example, oak is one of the easiest species of wood to stain and gives you the most color options. On the other hand, species such as maple, birch, pine and many other exotic species are more difficult to stain evenly because of their tight grains and tiny pores.

Helpful Tip: Choose an installer, such as SVB, that does a sample stain on your actual hardwood floors. This way you’ll know exactly what your stain will look like on your species of wood.




The color of your hardwood floors can make or break your décor, but the right stain can do wonders for your home. Consider things such as paint colors, furnishings, style and accent colors in your home.

A lighter stain can brighten a dark room while adding a clean touch.

Medium stains pair well with more traditional decor and are great for tying a room together by matching other wood accents.

Darker stains can add a modern touch and make the accent colors in your home pop!

This is another reason why testing your stain color in your home is crucial. That way you can see how it will change the décor of your home without playing the guessing game.





The lighting in your home can change the appearance of different stain colors as well as.

Lighter stains are great for brightening a dark room, but show off more of the wood’s natural imperfections. They are also great for a contrast in a home with darker furnishings and décor. Lighter stained floors also disguise everyday dust better and allow homeowners to clean less.

Dark floors can give balance to a bright room and offer a good base for decorating. However, even though they camouflage the wood’s natural imperfections, they are also more likely to accentuate other imperfections such as scratches, dust and pet hair. So if you have a dogs or children who act like dogs, a lighter stain color may be your best option.


Never Settle by Customizing Your Stain

Hardwood floors are a big investment, and also a major design component in your home, so don’t settle for just any stain color or any hardwood floor company.

SVB Wood Floors uses the highest quality DuraSeal stain colors, and we have the ability to customize any of them to match your needs. Say you want a little more red or a little more brown in your stain color, we can custom mix any of our DuraSeal stain colors to get it just right.

We also give you a stain sign off sheet to not only ensure we’ve picked the perfect stain for your floors, but also so we can keep your custom stain details on file for future reference.

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Looking for some hardwood flooring inspiration? Check out SVB Wood Floors’ online photo gallery.