Brattin family roomMAIN 005 Wood Floor Installation, Repair and Refinishing in MissionHere at SVB Wood Floors, we pride ourselves on creating a product that is built to last. We provide the residents of Mission with wood floor refinishing that is among the best in the business. We are also extremely happy with the work we do in regards to wood floor installation and repair. If you live in Mission and you need help with your wood floors, contact SVB Wood Floors today.


Give Your Mission Home a Facelift with New Wood Floors

A wood floor can be a beautiful work of art or a disaster, depending on the initial state of the wood and how it is cared for over the years. We have many new and delightful wood floor products to choose from, and are happy to assist you with the  installation process. A change in your floors can give your home a facelift, whether you are installing new wood floors or repairing and refinishing your old ones.


Wood Floor Repairs Are Easy with Dustless Sanding

Our staff is composed of experts in wood floor repair services. We can come and inspect your property, provide you with an estimate, and make your floors look as if they were brand new again. Our wood floor repair technicians repair cracks, whole boards, and fill nail holes. We can sand the entire floor to the bare wood and put a brand new finish coat on. And don’t worry about dust during the sanding process. SVB feature the exclusive Bona Dust Containment System. All the dust is whisked away to an outside container so your Mission home stays dust free.


Let Us Bring the Luster Back with Wood Floor Refinishing

As wood floors age, they lose their luster and grow dull. We can take your scratched and mistreated wood floors and make them shine with our wood floor refinishing services. This is a great thing to do if you found wood floors underneath existing flooring in your home, as is the case in many of the older houses in Mission.


Call SVB for Wood Floor Installation, Refinishing, and Repair in Mission

Whether you decide to install new wood floors, or repair and/or refinish your older wood floors, we have the knowledge and tools to help you make the job as easy and cost effective as possible. You can trust us to treat your home like it is ours. Our technicians also live in the Mission area, so we prefer to treat you as if you were our neighbor. Call SVB Wood Floors for your wood floor needs.


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