Gondi 010 Gladstone Wood Floor Installation, Refinishing & RepairHardwood floors possess a quality and luster that simply take your breath away upon entering any room where they have been installed. It’s no different for homeowners in Happy Rock, better known as Gladstone. Whether considering a new wood floor installation, wood floor refinishing or wood floor repair, you want to know that the job is done right.


Custom Wood Floor Installation

All wood floors begin with a proper foundation. Our trained professionals will begin with an onsite consultation and inspection to assess your options for a brand new wood floor installation. Our wide range of hardwood products will have your imagination running wild with how easily we can introduce beautifully constructed old-world charm into your home. Choose from types of wood, let us apply our hand scraping treatments or become mesmerized by exquisite inlay design. Gladstone residents can expect to be able to make educated decisions with respect to budget or any other needs. We pride ourselves in delivering only the highest quality wood floor installations customized to meet your specifications.


Keep Your Gladstone Home Dust Free with Our Dustless Refinishing

Over time, the wood floor that you love so much can become dull from wear and tear and you may find that you want to have the surfaces refinished. Our hardwood refinishing techniques start, once again, with a proper on-site visual inspection. After the room is prepared, we will sand the floor surface without the use of any harsh chemicals. Our exclusive dustless sanding system means a clean, dust-free environment and no toxic chemicals in your Gladstone home.


Our Wood Floor Repair Uses Environmentally Friendly Products

With the raw wood surface exposed we are able to identify any wood floor repair that needs to be performed, such as cracks, damaged planks and old nail holes. The staining and wood floor refinishing we apply is a multi-step process that allows the natural beauty of your wood floor to emerge, enhancing the design and master craftsmanship. For some applications, our stains are custom-formulated and hand-applied under conditions that are climate-controlled. We only use environmentally friendly flooring solutions. The ubiquitous presence of toxic chemicals in our homes is tough enough to contend with. Gladstone deserves a better solution than having more of them used on your wood floors.

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