Top-Rated Wood Floor Repair & Restoration in Kansas City

hardwood floor repair in Kansas CityBad things can happen to wood floors. Sometimes it’s water damage. An appliance may leak or a toilet may overflow (while you’re on vacation) or sometimes it’s fire damage, both are just a couple examples that it might be time to hire a professional for floor repair in Kansas City.

Floors get beaten up and mistreated for a variety of reasons. If you have a wood floor that’s seen better days, call SVB Wood Floors in Kansas City. We can bring that old, worn, and tired wood floor back to life with our hardwood restoration and wood floor repair techniques.

Professional Wood Floor Inspection in The KC Metro

Beginning with a careful on-site inspection, our trained professionals will provide a thorough assessment of your flooring options so you can make an educated decision in regards to your needs and budget.

Even if you think replacing the floor is your only option, let us take a look. Many times our wood floor experts can preserve part of the floor and repair the damaged area saving you money. Our restoration team can return old, abused, and damaged wood floors to their original beauty.

SVB Can Repair and Restore Damaged Hardwood Floors

Kansas City Wood floor restoration and hardwood flooring repair takes skill. That’s just what our team of hardwood floor professionals in Kansas City can deliver. Many times a damaged wood floor can be saved without having to replace the entire space.

We can replace only the damaged area by “lacing in” new wood planks for a seamless look. Then, we can sand and refinish the entire area for a flawless finish. The restoration process typically begins with room preparation followed by dustless sanding where no harsh or toxic chemicals are used.

Our process is environmentally friendly and clean. Once the raw wood is exposed, any necessary repairs can be made, such as filling old nail holes, repairing cracks, replacement of damaged planks, etc., before staining and refinishing so your hardwood floor looks like new.

Dustless Sanding Wood Floors During Restoration

At SVB Wood Floors in Kansas City, we use a state-of-the-art dustless sanding method. Our Bona Atomic Dust Containment System® (DCS) doesn’t give dust a chance. Before it can enter your home, its strong vacuum sucks dust away into an airtight hose that carries it out to our containment system outside your home.

This is so much better than traditional wood floor sanding which leaves dust throughout your home even when the room is “sealed off”. There’s no need to vacate your home, no dust in your ductwork to blow around later, and best of all, no dust to ruin the perfect finish on your new hardwood floor. Dustless sanding is fast, easy and convenient.

Renew Your Damaged Wood Floor with a New Finish

The staining and refinishing stage is the most exciting. This is when you see your wood floor really come to life. We start by applying a custom stain. After the stain is dry, we finish the floor with several applications of an environmentally safe, durable and fast-drying top coat.

Additionally, we screen, buff and vacuum between refinishing coats for the absolute best results possible. With proper care, the finish will last for years to come.

Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Great With Our Tips for Dos and Don’ts Below:

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