Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Kansas City

The Fastest, Dust-Free Way to Make Your Wood Floors Look Like New

Transform your hardwood floors without the mess and inconvenience with SVB Wood Floors’ dustless refinishing service in the Kansas City metro. Imagine revitalized, stunning floors without the usual hassle of traditional refinishing methods. Our innovative, dustless process ensures a clean, efficient, and odor-free experience, allowing you to stay comfortably in your home throughout the project.

Say goodbye to the worries of dust, debris, and lingering fumes. With SVB Wood Floors, you receive a seamless, white-glove service that prioritizes your convenience and satisfaction.

Experience the luxury of beautifully refinished hardwood floors without the disruption—your perfect floors are just a call away.

White-Glove Floor Refinishing Service

  • You don’t have to leave your home or board your pets
  • You don’t have to seal off rooms
  • You don’t have to worry about dust or fumes

Most KC wood floor refinishing projects are complete in just 3–4 days. We leave the work area spotless so you can enjoy the beauty of your like-new floors.

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What is dustless floor refinishing?

Whether you are installing a new hardwood floor or repairing and refinishing an existing one, sanding is part of the process. Unless the floors are already in fairly good condition, they must be sanded down to the bare wood beneath the stain. As you might imagine, this creates a lot of dust.

The typical sanding process can spread dust throughout the home—especially if it reaches the ventilation system, where it can re-circulate for months. Homeowners must often vacate until the job is finished and the mess cleaned up. Dust is also one of the most common causes of hardwood floor finish problems. If it’s not properly removed, dust can become trapped under the finish coat, leaving you with a gritty or uneven finish instead of the flawless smooth finish you expect and deserve.

Dustless floor refinishing—also called dustless floor sanding—eliminates these hassles, frustrations and finish problems by trapping the dust before it spreads.

At SVB Wood Floors, we use the state-of-the-art Bona dustless sanding system. The Bona Atomic Dust Containment System®, or DCS, traps airborne dust before it can spread throughout your home or business and transports the particles through a vacuum suction tube into an Atomic DCS® trailer outside. 

We are proud to be the only hardwood floor refinisher in Kansas City using this world-class system.

Benefits of Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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No airborne
dust particles

dustless icon

No need to seal rooms with
plastic sheeting

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Dust does not enter the room so it has no chance to settle in your home or business

dustless icon

Dust does not enter the ductwork where it can stay for months and get re-circulated

dustless icon

No need to vacate
your home

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No need to kennel
your pets

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Dust free environment
ensures a perfect finish coat

Custom Hardwood Staining Services

After the dustless sanding process, we apply the stain to your floor. The staining stage of hardwood floor refinishing is exciting because that’s when you truly get to see your floor’s personality.

We can create any color you want with our custom color process. The color you choose will bring out the beauty and character of the wood grain. We test the stain on the floor first so you can see it, and once we receive your approval, we’ll move on with the staining process.

After the stain is dry, we finish the floor with three coats of environmentally safe, durable and fast-drying topcoat to protect your hardwood floor from normal wear and tear. You can choose from several different finishes ranging from low luster to high gloss. We screen, buff and vacuum between hardwood floor refinishing coats for the absolute best results possible.

With proper care, your new finish will last for years to come.

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Exclusive SVB 7-Step Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

From initial design consultation to clean-up, we take steps to ensure the best possible final results—no shortcuts, no cut corners. Your hardwood floor is a premium feature that adds value to your home, and we treat it as such.

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You may hear these terms used interchangeably but there is a big difference. Dustless floor refinishing involves sanding, but the dust is captured by a containment system so it doesn’t spread throughout your home. 

Sandless refinishing, on the other hand, does not involve sanding at all. It skips that step and moves right to re-staining and buffing. If there are any scuffs, scratches or gouges in the hardwood they’ll still be there—just covered with a new stain. Sanding and sometimes additional repairs are needed to address floor damage.

By the time most homeowners request floor refinishing services, their floors need sanding. While sandless floor refinishing is less expensive initially, it will not give you good results if there is any damage to your floors.

We’d be glad to. Any new project begins with a free in-home design consultation. We can help you decide on a stain color, finish and more.

That’s an excellent question that we hear often. Many homeowners are surprised to find out that the floors they thought were too worn out could still be brought back to life! Ultimately it comes down to whether or not the floors can be sanded and the type and extent of any damage. During your free in-home consultation we’ll inspect your hardwood floors and share our recommendations for refinishing, repair or replacement.

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Read Our Reviews

"Great company to work with! Very impressed with every aspect of the process. It was nice to be able to stay in our home while the work was being done. Dust was not an issue at all, nor were fumes. Most importantly, the floors look amazing!”
- Brandi, Lee's Summit, MO
I love the new resurfaced floors. There is very little dust. The sales personnel and resurfacing crew were extremely professional. I am very happy to refer this company and will use them in the future. My floors look great!!! Thank you SVB Floors.
- Mavis Hutchings
My home is nearly 60 years old and still has the original oak floors. SVB recently refinished the floor in living room and hallway, and now it looks brand new -- way better than I ever expected. There was no dust (as advertised) and no mess left behind. All the employees that I met are very nice people -- professional and friendly. Thanks, SVB. You are a class act!
- Elaine Schendt
SVB refinished our floors during a kitchen/hearth remodel. Our contractor hired SVB to do the work. Their crew was extremely polite, friendly and absolutely left no mess. So quick and efficient. Floors look great and I wouldn't call anyone else but them for future work. Amazing crew!
- Kristen G
SVB provided excellent, highly qualified "craftsmen" who added hardwoods to my existing flooring. Each team performed and completed the match with amazing results! The color match was 99% true, the cleanliness & dust free treatment left my wife & I speechless, and the installed fine oak floor added value to our home.
- Lee Valentine
Our experience with SVB Wood Floors was outstanding every step of the way. Whether speaking on the phone or interacting in person, every employee was very professional. We are very pleased with the timeliness and quality of their work. SVB refinished our kitchen and dining room floors, but if I didn't know better I would think the wood had been replaced! It looks that much better. I wish we had done this years ago!
- Kim Rath
We had floors installed and some refinished a couple weeks ago. I just want you all to know this is the best experience we have had in any kind of contract work we have ever had done. Your team was so professional and considerate at every phase of this project. We were so impressed beginning with Eric’s estimate to the last coat applied.
- Leigh