Hardwood Floor Dustless Refinishing

dustless sanding and refinishing in kansas cityWhether you are repairing an existing wood floor or installing a new hardwood floor, sanding is part of the process. Sanding used to be a terribly messy process spreading dust throughout your home and forcing homeowners to vacate until the job was finished and the mess cleaned up.

So naturally, when we found out about a sanding system that got rid of all the hassle, we jumped on it. Our dustless sanding system, by Bona, eliminates the mess and clean-up frustration of having your existing hardwood floors refinished or new hardwood floors installed. The Bona Atomic Dust Containment System®, or DCS, traps all airborne dust before it can spread throughout your home or business and transports the particles into an Atomic DCS® trailer outside.

Benefits of the Atomic DCS System:

• No airborne dust particles
• No need to seal rooms with plastic sheeting
• Dust does not enter the room so it has no chance to settle in your home or business
• Dust does not enter the ductwork where it can stay for months and get re-circulated
• No need to vacate your home
• No need to kennel your pets
• Dust free environment ensures a perfect finish coat

Our Dustless Sanding System Keeps Dust Out

At SVB, we try to keep up with all the latest technology, techniques and tools available in the wood floor repair, refinishing and installation industry. Our dustless sanding system is the perfect example. We are proud to be the sole dealer in Kansas City, Missouri using the Bona Atomic DCS® trailer system. With our dustless sanding system we can provide better service to you during the refinishing process and ensure that you end up with a better final product afterwards.

We Repair Gouges or Holes Before Sanding

Once the floors are sanded, our wood floor experts examine them closely to find and fix any problems that may run deeper than the sanding could remove. We fill any cracks, gouges or nail holes that we find. Once the wood floor repairs are completed, we stain your floor with our water-based stain and then apply a durable top coat to protect your investment.

For more information about our dustless refinishing services give us a call at (913) 213-5187 or (816) 965-8655.


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