Demaree 158 Top-Rated Blue Springs Wood Floor Installation, Refinishing & RepairAt SVB, we are a family owned and operated wood floor business that has been serving Blue Springs area residents for over 15 years with professional wood flooring installation and refinishing services. We want to be your lifetime wood floor provider. SVB Wood Floors values your business and wants to meet your wood flooring needs. We handle all aspects of hard wood floor care from wood floor installation to wood floor refinishing to wood floor repair. Contact us for a no-obligation, free estimate for our beautiful, durable hardwood flooring.


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There are so many choices when it comes to wood floor installation in Blue Springs. Type of wood, stain color, width of planks, durability, finish, and more are all things you must take into consideration. It can feel overwhelming at first, but our wood floor experts will walk you through each step and make it fun. Besides the usual choices, you can also make your floor uniquely yours by adding custom touches like medallions, borders, inlays and parquet. Distressed wood has become very popular as well. Distressed wood floors that have been hand scraped and stained produce a custom effect that can never be replicated in a factory. We, at SVB, are the hand scraping experts. Our artisans will hand scrape your wood floor to make a beautiful distressed-wood floor. Your home will have an old world look and feel. No matter which type of floor you choose, we use the highest quality wood in our Blue Springs wood floor installations.


No Need to Leave Your Home with Our Dustless Refinishing Service

Our dustless wood floor refinishing technology completely eliminates the need to vacate your Blue Springs home, remove pets and cover furniture with sheets of plastic during the refinishing process. As we sand off the topcoat and stain to reveal the new wood below, we use a patented vacuum process that removes all of the unhealthy floor dust and deposits it into a sealed trailer outside. You never see dust during refinishing. Next, we custom mix the water-based floor stain to your exact shade and color specifications. This is carefully applied in several stain coats, with drying time in between. We are experts at wood floor refinishing.


Call SVB for Fast and Affordable Wood Floor Repair

Wood floors can take some abuse over the years. Sometimes the damage is accumulated over a long time, but sometimes it is caused by flooding, appliances leaking, or fire. No matter what kind of wood floor repair you need, SVB can make it look as good as new. After sanding and dust removal, our experts carefully examine the exposed new wood for nail holes, cracks in the wood, chips and unstable planks. If your floor needs any repairs, we fix what needs to be fixed. Wood floor repair leaves the floor stable and ready for staining, topcoat and sealant. Then we apply our environmentally friendly top coat. Several layers of this are applied, dried and buffed. After the topcoat has been applied in several coats and these have completely dried, we apply a sealant to keep your floor looking beautiful year after year. For the best hard wood floor care in Blue Springs, call SVB Wood Floors.

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