Brattin family roomMAIN 005 Top-Rated Wood Flooring Installation, Refinishing & Repair in Independence, MOSVB Wood Floors in Kansas City provides a variety of services to Independence residents. We offer the best quality products and services in wood floors as well as handle wood floor installation and wood floor refinishing. We will even provide a free design consultation before we get started. Whether it is wood floor refinishing or a new wood floor installation, this will allow you the opportunity to help in the process of creating the wood floor that is right for you and your home’s needs.


Dustless Sanding Makes Wood Floor Refinishing and Installation Fast & Easy

Our business has served Independence, for the last 15 years. We specialize in wood floor installation. We are the experts in wood floors. We believe that it is our attention to detail that makes us stand out from other businesses that install wood floors. We also try to remain educated on the latest products and technology that our industry provides, so that our customers receive the best possible services. We provide dustless sanding with our wood floor refinishing and wood floor installation. There are many benefits to this process including the elimination of dust particles, not having to seal rooms with plastic sheeting and preventing dust from entering your home’s air ducts. In addition, pets do not have to be kenneled during the wood floor installation process. With the dustless sanding option, you end up even happier with your finished wood floor.


Make Your Independence Home Look New Again With Our Wood Floor Repair

Another wood floor service provided in Independence is wood floor repair on existing floors. After an inspection and assessment of your wood floors, we will provide you with options to make the best decision for your home. Wood floor repair will include filling holes, repairing cracks, and if necessary, replacing planks in the floor. After all of the repairs are completed, the floor will be sanded and refinished, making it look just like new.



Why Replace Your Wood Floors When You Can Refinish Them?

Wood floor refinishing is another option for Independence residents. Sometimes wood floors start looking dull and lackluster from constant wear and tear. We can restore them to look like new. We can remove scrapes, scratches, and dings easily. Our wood floor refinishing service will restore your wood floor to perfection. If you have been considering replacing your existing floor, give us a call first. We can make it look new for much less than the cost of replacing it. Call us today for a free estimate.

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