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Don’t Settle for Just Any Stain Color: All About SVB’s Process




Why settle for a pre-mixed stain when your hardwood floors can be as unique as you are! At SVB Wood Floors, we don’t want you to choose just any stain color, and that is why we offer the option of custom stain colors.

We have many beautiful pre-mixed stains, but with our ability to mix and match them, we can give you the exact stain color you’ve been searching for. Here’s how we do it at SVB Wood Floors.


Before the Stain

Before you choose the perfect stain color, SVB goes through a unique process to ensure the quality and durability of your wood floors. Here’s what to expect before you choose a stain:

Step 1 – Free Consultation: First, we will walk you through our hardwood floor checklist to decide on the type of hardwood, species, width of planks and more to ensure you are completely happy with your selection.

Step 2 – Preparation: In order to install your beautiful new hardwood floors, we need to remove as much as possible from the areas being redone. This includes furnishings, drapes, paintings etc.  

Step 3 – Installation: Next, we install the planks and sand them for smoothness. There is no need to leave your home or seal off your rooms during this process because of SVB’s unique dustless sanding process.

Now that you have a blank canvas, we help you find the right stain for your home.



Test Them Out on Your Floors

SVB always arrives at the job with every Duraseal stain color we offer on hand and ready to test. This makes the customization of your stain color that much easier.

First, our professionals will get a feel for what you are looking for in a stain color, and from there you will decide which of our pre-mixed Duraseal stain colors you’d like to test. SVB uses the highest quality Duraseal stain colors, providing you with the best options from the start.

Once you have chosen a few, we test them directly on your wood floors to compare them side-by-side. We believe that seeing the stain colors on your actual floor can help narrow down what you are looking for. Afterall, different wood species show color differently.

Mix & Match

Say you test two pre-made colors and you want a little more red, or a little more brown. We’ve got you covered! We can mix and match any of our Duraseal stain colors to create the exact color you’re looking for.


We Keep Your Color on File

Once you’ve decided on your unique stain color, you will sign a stain sign off sheet. This way you know exactly what your stain color is made up of, and that you are getting exactly what you asked for. Even better, we keep your one-of-a-kind stain color on file in case you ever need to reference it in the future!

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If you’re considering refinishing, replacing, or adding a wood floor, give us a call at (816) 965-8655 or check out our website. We’ll walk you through every step and make sure you’re thrilled with the final result.