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Get Ahead of the Trend: Wood Floors to Watch for in 2017

Wood floors are a classic choice for any home, but with so many unique styles, this classic flooring material has many manifestations. The sheer number of choices and variations appearing this year prove that it’s possible for a wood floor to be both classic and trendy at the same time. To help you stay ahead of the trends, the experts at SVB are giving you a preview of the wood floor trends to watch for in 2017.

Wider and Longer Planks

svb-wood-floors-wider-longer-planks-2017-trendsOne reason that people are gravitating toward wider planks in 2017, is because these big, beautiful planks have the ability to open up a space and make small rooms look larger.

In addition to plank options becoming wider, there are also more options for longer planks, some stretching all the way up to 14 feet long! These longer planks result in fewer seams and a smoother looking floor overall. Wide plank floors can be installed vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally, for a trendier look.

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Dark Rich Stains

Sure, classic honesvb-wood-floors-dark-rich-stains-2017-trendsy tones are still “in style” and will likely never go out of style, but the trend for 2017 is a movement toward dark, rich stains like ebony, dark mahogany, and a deep warm walnut. The deeper and darker the color, the bolder the impact.

Different species of hardwoods are more or less receptive to these darker stains, and bear in mind that woods with natural red tone are going to produce different variations of certain stain colors. For expert help and guidance when choosing the right dark stain color for your type of wood flooring, trust the professionals at SVB Wood Floors.

Shades of Grey

svb-wood-floors-grey-hardwood-flooring-2017-trendsGrey is making a splash throughout homes in cabinetry, wall colors, and yes — on wood floors too! People have come to realize that grey is the perfect neutral as well as a great way to “modernize” a room.

Grey also has a beautiful way of bringing out the grains and texture in wood flooring. From light neutral greys to the deepest charcoal, it’s a trend that’s spreading throughout the country with no signs of stopping!

Lime-Washed Looks

svb-wood-floors-lime-washed-wood-flooring-2017-trendsBack in the day it was known as “pickling,” an old white-washing technique that originated in high-end homes in Europe and made its way to other countries.

The original “pickling” formula was a mixture of lime and water, but today’s formula is much less caustic. The object is to fade and age the appearance of woods like oak and ash to give them an airy, coastal feel.

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Low-Gloss Finishes

svb-wood-floors-low-luster-gloss-finish-2017-trendsThough a high-gloss wood floor is a classic look, there’s been a shift lately to lower-gloss finishes which offer several benefits. A low-luster wood floor tends to hide small scratches and dents better than a high-gloss floor.

It also does a good job of masking dust and footprints, which makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas in your home. The lower luster  puts more focus on the wood itself, resulting in a more “authentic” look.

wood floor care guide Get Ahead of the Trend: Wood Floors to Watch for in 2017