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Design Trend Spotlight: Beautiful Wire Brushed Wood Flooring


wire-brushed-wood-floors-entryway-svb-wood-floor-kansas-citySome degree of distressing adds character to hardwood flooring; however, not everyone wants their floors to have a very rough appearance. For those who enjoy a degree of smoothness, and a distressed touch, wire brushed hardwood flooring might be the  flooring option for you. What is wire brushed flooring and what does it add to your home? That’s something we cover below in our design trend spotlight.

What are Wire Brushed Floors?

up-close-wire-brushed-hardwood-floor-svb-wood-floors-kansas-cityWire brushed floors are planks that have been roughed up slightly with a stiff-bristled steel or wire brush. Similar to etching, this allows for a subtle texture to the wood without eliminating its smooth appearance. Scraping the flooring with a wire brush removes the soft grain of the wood from the growth ring, allowing the heartwood to be exposed. This method emphasizes the grain of the wood more clearly, without looking too rough.

Wire brushing can be performed on any type of flooring, but is typically done on closed grain species such as maple. Solid, engineered, and reclaimed hardwood can all be subject to wire brushing. After being brushed, each board is sanded lightly by hand so that it is smooth to the touch, yet the woodgrain pattern remains clearly visible.

More Durable

contemporary-wire-brushed-wood-flooring-svb-wood-floors-kansas-cityMany people are surprised to learn that wire brushing not only changes the look of hardwood floors, but that it also makes it more durable. That’s because the softer wood on the surface is removed, leaving the more rugged heartwood to withstand everyday wear and tear. This makes wire brushing ideal for any room that receives a great deal of foot traffic, or in spaces where heavy furniture and objects are regularly dragged across the floor.

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Find Your Groove (And Fall Less)

The wire brushing process results in tiny grooves in the surface of the floor. Even when coated with polyurethane, these grooves provide a higher degree of traction, making it less likely that people will slip and fall on them. As such, they are perfect for households with children or senior citizens.

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wire-brushed-hardwood-floors-kitchen-svb-wood-floor-kansas-cityFor many people, the decision to go with wire-brushed planks stems from the fact that they are more affordable than distressed ones. Since wire-brushed planks tend to be more durable than traditional, otherwise treated hardwood floors, they also provide an excellent value for the money.

Since wire brushing never goes out of style, there is no need to worry about having to update your floors in only a few years. Your floors will also continue to look like new for as long as you own them.

Wire brushed wood flooring looks charming in any home, yet is practical enough to stand up to extended wear. If you would like to know more about wire brushed hardwood, contact us online today!