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The 4 Seasons of Wood Floor Care

rainboots e1455037602899 The 4 Seasons of Wood Floor Care

wood-floor-seasonsLooking after your wood floors is a pretty simple task. Sometimes, they can be so low maintenance that you forget you have to do anything at all! Not to worry, SVB Wood Flooring has compiled a quick calendar to keep you on track for every part of the year. To keep your floors safe and in top condition, read on:

Wood Floor Care for Every Season


April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring you wet shoes. Devise a plan to keep wet shoes off your wood floors.

We recommend deep cleaning your floors four times a year – roughly once a season – to keep your floors protected and looking their best. We strongly advise using a professional who will care for your floors with the correct methods and chemicals, like our SVB Deep Clean service.


Check the humidity of your home. Wood floors can swell and become damaged if they’re consistently exposed to high humidity. If you live in an area of high humidity, like Kansas City, or you notice your floorboards swelling, consider adding a dehumidifier to your home.

Clear some space for those rainy day, indoor activities, but move furniture the right way!

Deep Clean


Step outside and clear fallen leaves away from your front door and off walkways, so they don’t get dragged inside!

Purchase an extra rug or two; the holidays are getting started and your floors are about to see a lot more traffic. Rugs at doorways will catch damaging grit. Putting a rug down over high traffic areas, can protect from party fouls like falling food and harsh high heels.

Deep Clean


Check the humidity levels again. Too little humidity in your home can also damage your hardwood floors.

Plan your moisture mitigation for the snow-covered guests that will be arriving for the holidays.

Replace worn or missing floor protector pads on the bottom of anything with legs – chairs, tables, etc. and add them to anything new.

Deep Clean

Day-to-Day Chores

While the big ticket items are mostly covered above, taking small actions every day, or every week can protect your floor for years to come. Check out our guide to correctly cleaning your floor, and read on to find out what your floor needs from you year round.

Spot clean problem areas (clean up sticky spills, water, or small bits and pieces that may be tracked around).

Sweep once a week. Be wary of using a vacuum, unless you know it’s designed to be used on your wood floors (some vacuums with beater bars can damage hardwood floors).

Shake out door mats once a week, to prevent build up of dirt and dust that will eventually be tracked around.


For a larger scale hardwood floor project than what’s on our list, or to schedule your deep cleaning, call SVB Wood Flooring at (816) 965-8655. We offer dustless sanding, installation, repair, and even more.