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Yours Aren’t the Only Feet on the Floor – Make Your Furniture Wear Socks

Felt Pads for Chairs Picture

Felt Pads for Chairs PictureSure there are a lot of feet that touch your wood floor, family, friends, neighbors, guests, dogs, cats – they all have feet. But the feet you aren’t thinking about may do the most damage. Your furniture has feet too. Couches, tables, chairs – each of these usually has at least four feet. So how do you protect your hardwood floors from furniture feet? The hardwood floor experts at SVB Wood Floors have two words for you – felt pads.


Keep Your Socks on

Felt pads are just like socks for your furniture. They are the best protection against furniture feet scratching your wood floors. And here’s the good news…they’re cheap! Yep, dirt cheap. Just trot on down to the local Target, Walmart, Lowe’s or Home Depot and you’ll find a wide variety of furniture felt pads in a wide array of sizes for just a couple of bucks. If you have wood floors and furniture, you probably already have felt pads. They do a great job of protecting your floors…as long as they stay attached. So how do you keep the little buggers from falling off?


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Felt Pad Adhesion 101

For those chairs (usually around the kitchen or dining room table) that get a lot of use, keeping the felt pads on the chair legs can be a challenge. If you find random felt pads on your floor, follow these tips to secure them in place.

Get a bottle of two-part epoxy glue. (It has two parts that mix together to form an extra strong bond.)

Clean the bottoms of your chair feet with rubbing alcohol and give them a few seconds to dry.

Mix the two parts of glue on a paper plate and apply them to the bottom of the chairs with a toothpick.

Place the felt pad on the bottom of the feet and let dry. (You may have to prop your chairs upside down until the glue is dry so the pads don’t slide off.)

Let the glue dry according to the directions on the package and you’re all set.


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