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Rain, Rain, Go Away: 3 Decorative Ideas for Keeping Wet Shoes off Your Hardwood Floors

rain go away Rain, Rain, Go Away: 3 Decorative Ideas for Keeping Wet Shoes off Your Hardwood Floors

Let’s face it, spring in Kansas City means rain. But rain and your hardwood floors don’t necessarily go hand in hand. So how can you keep wet shoes off your wood floors in a creative way? The SVB Wood Floors team turned to Pinterest for some decorative inspiration.

The Decorative Tray Shoe Rack

hardwood-floor-damage-preventionA soggy beach towel isn’t necessarily the best place to collect shoes on a rainy day. Not only can it ruin your floors if it is there for too long, but it is also not always the most visually appealing. An easy, yet aesthetic, way to hold shoes is with a decorative tray. Try Target or Home Goods to find one that matches your home’s decor. Some homeowners add stones to the tray to raise the shoes up out of the water in the bottom.

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The End Table Shoe Rack

shoe-storage-idea-2Next up, we found a shoe rack that can also serve as an end table. This is a bit more functional for some homeowners. This exact end table shoe rack can be found on Etsy, or could easily be made DIY using reclaimed wood of your own. Because it is a wood table, you will want to make sure that you are using these helpful tips to reduce the amount of scratches that it could leave on your hardwood floors — 7 Tips for Moving Heavy Objects without Scratching Your Wood Floors.





The Wall Shoe Rack


This last Pinterest-inspired idea comes from an account called Remodelaholic. By visiting their board you can find a guide for building your own wall-mount storage bin. Other suggestions are to look at places such as Hobby Lobby to find something similar. This is very handy for a home full of young children.






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