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Commercial Gym Floor Installation: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you need a hardwood floor for basketball, a multi-purpose room, a gymnasium, a dance studio or something else, SVB Wood Floors can help. We are experts at installing new gym floor systems, as well as repairing and refinishing old ones. Our dedicated team tackles every job head-on, with a detailed plan and system that pleases every time. If you’re in the market for a new gym floor, here is everything you need to know:

A picture of a hardwood gym floor systemWhen It Comes to Kansas City Gym Floors, It’s All About the Wood

At SVB Wood Floors, we take pride in providing the highest quality hard wood floors, gym floors included. That’s why we use only the best maple planks. It is the preferred flooring choice for most gymnasiums because of its dense, strong and durable characteristics. It’s also coveted for its bright, rich yellow color. It has a way of making game lines and logos pop.

Hardwood Floor Installation is a System

A gym floor is so much more than just a floor. It really is a system. The design and installation need to be in harmony for a floor to turn out truly beautiful and functional. Before we install a gym hardwood floor, we take into consideration load distribution, shock absorption, vibration control, resiliency, moisture resistance, and more. Then we work with you to decide what type of system will perform the best for its intended purpose. You can choose from a floating floor system, a fixed floor system or a fixed resilient floor system. Read more about our commercial gym floor repair and installation on our website.

Colors, Court Lines & Logos Top Off Our Sports Court Systems

We are a full-service hardwood floor company. We don’t just quit after the wood planks are in place; we finish the job with all the add-ons. You pick the accent colors, game lines, and logo, and we’ll make sure it looks perfect before we leave.

Quick Turnaround on Hardwood Commercial and Gym Floor Installation

When it’s all said and done, we not only provide the best quality wood floors, we also perform when it comes to service. We have the fastest turnaround in the area. We deliver your finished floor by the project deadline; period. You’ll never see us lingering around, hurrying to finish the job. Avoid these 3 Major Problems Caused by a Poorly Installed Hardwood Floor, by leaving the job to professionals.


To get started on your new hardwood gym floor, call SVB Wood Floors today, at (913) 213-5187.