Gym Floor Repair and Restoration in Kansas City

kansas city gym floor repaired and resurfaced by svbFrom tornadoes to floods to fires, bad things can happen to gym floors and sport court systems in Kansas City. At SVB Wood Floors, we’ve seen it all. Sometimes it’s as simple as years of wear and tear or a burst pipe, but the fact remains, gym floor repair and restoration are sometimes needed and we are the company to call.

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Fast Gym Floor Restoration

Many times, when the damage was sudden or unexpected, time is of the essence. This is where SVB Wood Floors really shines. We are a turnkey operation and we can take your gym floor repair from beginning to end, right down to the stripes and logos. One call takes care of it all. We install sport court systems, so we are familiar with floating gym floor repair, fixed gym floor repair and fixed resilient gym floor repair. There’s no sport court repair or sport court restoration we can’t handle.

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Repair Doesn’t Always Mean Complete Replacement

Gym floor repair or restoration doesn’t always mean a complete tear out. Our experts can determine if the floor is repairable or if the entire floor has been damaged beyond repair and must be replaced. Depending on the damage, we may be able to save you money by only replacing the damaged section. Our wood gym floor experts can match the new section to the old. Once we have the restoration complete, we use our dustless sanding system to sand and refinish the entire floor for a flawless fix.


Fast Turnaround on Commercial and Gym Floor Restoration

Because we are experts at gym floor restoration and repair, we can provide the fastest turnaround in the industry. If replacement of the wood floor is necessary, the SVB team will have it torn out, replaced, and finished in record time. Our experience, internal processes, and advanced technology including dustless sanding, help us deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time. We will give you a finish date and our floors are done when we say they’ll be done. Plus, you can count on a fast initial response when you contact us. When you need a commercial or gym floor repaired or restored fast, SVB is the company to call.


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