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5 Hardwood Floor Trends for 2015

Wood Floor Trends 2015 Photo

Wood Floor Trends 2015 PhotoThe hardwood flooring industry is constantly in flux when it comes to trends. It’s easiest to look at trends on an annual basis to help identify what is becoming more popular. At SVB Wood Floors, our design experts have identified some major wood floor trends for 2015. Here is a peek at the looks and products that seem to be gaining popularity coming into this new year.



Dark Colors – hardwood floors are definitely going to the dark side. From rich browns to deep ebony, these deeper hues are adding an upscale feel to the rooms they grace. Darker floors can be harder to keep clean as they show dirt and scratches more easily.


Natural Looks – woods like bamboo and reclaimed wood are both becoming increasingly popular. Both provide a unique look. Bamboo tends to be more exotic with interesting patterns within the wood. Reclaimed wood provides a rustic look and feel. Reclaimed wood with its rougher edges and uneven texture lends itself perfectly to the farmhouse look that is sought after. Cork is another more natural look. Cork is more comfortable to walk on as it is a bit softer than some traditional hardwoods. The good news is modern technology has made it stronger and more durable. Plus, cork floors are available in more colors than ever in the past.

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Going Big – wider planks and longer planks are one of the latest crazes in hardwood floors. This trend seems to be strongest in high-end homes. Using these supersized planks makes the room appear larger and more spacious.


Shades of Gray – blame it on the book/movie, if you must, but in the wood floor industry you can find more than 50 shades of gray underfoot. Whatever the reason, gray is the new brown when it comes to hardwood floors. Look for more gray floors and gray stains.


Matte Finishes – shiny and polished finishes are losing ground to matte and satin finishes. The matte finish provides a warmer feel and also is more practical as it tends to look better longer, and shows dents, scratches and dirt less than semi-gloss or high-gloss finishes.



SVB Wood Floors stays on top of the latest trends in hardwood flooring so we can bring you the latest products and technology. If you need new hardwood floors, hardwood floor refinishing, or hardwood floor installation, we can help you decide which type of floor is best for your home. Call SVB Wood Floors at (913) 213-5187 or (816) 965-8655.