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3 Problems Caused by a Poorly Installed Hardwood Floor

picture of hardwood floorAt SVB Wood Floors, we want you to have the best experience possible when it comes to having your hardwood floors installed. If you try and cut corners by hiring a non-professional company or doing it yourself, you will likely run across a few bumps a long the way. We’ve listed the top 3 problems we see, and how you can avoid them.

Improper Sanding

The way a hardwood floor is sanded can have a huge impact in the way it will look once stained and finished. An improper sanding job can leave unwanted shapes and scratches in the wood. It can also leave mounds of dust to deal with that can end up all over your home or business, and can get into the finish, causing an undesired grittiness to the final product.  A great way to avoid this is to call in SVB for our hardwood dustless refinishing. We use the latest technology with our sanding system to eliminate dust and keep it out of your home. That means less mess, and more beautiful floors.

Toxic Stain Mixes & Puddles

Companies with little knowledge of hardwood floors make these stain mistakes all too often. If you hire a company that doesn’t follow standard protocol when it comes to hardwood flooring, you could end up with a toxic combination. Volatile Organic Compound Laws ban the mixing of certain chemicals used in some stains. Years ago flooring professionals mixed paint thinner or even kerosene with their stains to thin it out. Today, most manufacturers recommend mixing the stain with neutral stain from the same company. On the other hand, if the workers you hired don’t thin the product enough, you could end up with puddles of stain on your floor.  In order to avoid such oversights, it’s always a good idea to hire a company that is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association. NWFA members, like SVB Wood Floors, are always educated and knowledgeable about the latest standards and practices, and will always deliver a high quality job that will last a lifetime.

Installing at the Wrong Time

Wood needs to be installed at the optimal time in order for it to look the best and last the longest. If it’s not, your floors could start buckling, cupping, or crowning. This is a sign of a moisture imbalance. Wood is a hygroscopic material, meaning it can take in or release water to its environment. The best time to install hardwood floors is when the wood and the environment are in balance. Then, it is said to be in equilibrium moisture content. SVB professionals use the latest technology to make sure we install your hardwood floors at the ideal time, giving you the perfect finish every time.

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