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Why You Should Hire an NWFA Certified Hardwood Flooring Company

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At SVB Wood Floors, we strive for perfection. Our slogan – Quality Results with Attention to Every Detail – is exactly what we deliver. We go above and beyond to make sure our crews can, and do, deliver the highest quality products and service. One of the ways we ensure this is by being an NWFA certified company.

What Does NWFA Certified Mean?

NWFA stands for the National Wood Flooring Association. NWFA offers certifications for installers, sand & finishers, sales advisors, and wood flooring inspectors. NWFA Certified Professionals are recognized in the wood flooring industry as the best in the business. In fact, more than 40 manufacturers recommend the use of an NWFA Certified Professional in their guidelines.

Why Choose an NWFA Certified Flooring Company?

The NWFA’s certification program was developed to recognize and promote competence of wood flooring professionals throughout the industry. NWFA certified professionals are recognized as the best in the business. In fact, over 40 wood floor manufacturers recommend the use of an NWFA professional in their guidelines. We participate in NWFA trainings to keep us up to date on industry standard guidelines, keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the industry and get technical support.

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SVB’s NWFA Certifications

At SVB, our team members are highly trained and experienced, but that doesn’t keep us from learning more every year. Our team members go above and beyond to earn these certifications so you can have complete confidence in the work that we do. They take both written and hands-on tests to earn their credentials and complete continuing education requirements to maintain their certifications. We hold the following certifications with NWFA, so you can be assured when we design, install, sand & finish, or repair your wood floor, it will be done right.


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     If you’re looking for a wood flooring professional to repair, install, or sand & finish your hardwood floor, call the pros at SVB Wood Floors at (816) 965-8655.