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Three Reasons Why New Hardwood Floors Will Help You Sell Your Home

selling scaled Three Reasons Why New Hardwood Floors Will Help You Sell Your Home

Whenever you sell your home, you want to get top dollar. There are a few ways to ensure that happens. Of course, your home should be clean (fresh paint will go a long way in making your home seem clean and fresh), and neat (make sure you don’t have too much furniture or your home may appear crowded and ultimately smaller to the prospective buyers). Making sure your home is up to date is one of the best tips. 

There are certain items that will date a home. Some of these include laminate countertops, outdated faucets and lighting fixtures, and linoleum flooring. While these may be more expensive to replace, they will make your home more appealing and ultimately help it sell faster and for top dollar. Hardwood floors are one of the best  investments when selling a home. Here are three reasons why:

1. Hardwood Floors Add Value to the Home 

Hardwood flooring is notoriously classic and has a more refined and expensive feel than carpet. This gives the entire home a more expensive and upper end feel and can, therefore, result in a higher offer from the buyer.

2. Hardwood Says Style 

There are hundreds of looks from formal – dark hardwood floors add elegance, to coastal – lighter shades create a beachy feel, to craftsman – distressed and hand-carved wood floors add a rustic vibe. No matter which one you choose, hardwood floors will immediately improve the overall style of your home. 

3. Nothing Beats the Durability and Longevity of Wood Floors

Solid hardwood floors will last decades. Even after years of abuse, they can be refinished and look like new again. They are also significantly easier to clean and maintain than carpet and other forms of flooring. Even if you just replace old carpet with hardwood floors in the most high-profile areas, the effect will raise your home’s value in the buyer’s eyes.

For the highest quality hardwood flooring and installation, look no further than SVB Wood Floors. No matter if you want to update a single room or your entire home, give our flooring experts a call for a consultation today!

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