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Our In-Home Wood Floor Consultations Are the Secret to Happy Customers

In-home wood floor consultations

In-home wood floor consultationHardwood floors are the dream of many homeowners. From their timeless elegance to their versatility to their durability, there are many reasons they have stood the test of time. Hardwood floors also offer low maintenance care, allergy-friendliness, and they add value to your home. Whatever the reason, at SVB Wood Floors, we’ve been installing beautiful hardwood floors for decades and we’ve got it down to a science. Not just the physical installation, but the customer experience from beginning to end. It all starts with our free in-home wood floor consultations.

In-Home Wood Floor Consultations Build Relationships

Bottom line – good customer service is about building relationships. At SVB Wood Floors, we want to create the best experience possible for our customers, so we start out with good communication. Our in-home consultation is the best way to do that. We start by learning about our clients because we believe good service goes deeper than just installing a wood floor. We give our sales team the opportunity to connect with each client and understand their overall vision.

In-Home Consultations Answer Questions

There are a lot of details involved when choosing a wood floor. Our in-home wood floor consultations give us the opportunity to cover them all. By meeting with the homeowners, we are able to better understand their expectations and address any concerns as well. We talk about what type of wood flooring they can choose from – unfinished, prefinished, or engineered. Each of these has its own pros and cons and we want the homeowners to know their options. Plus, being in the home gives us the opportunity to evaluate the property itself and know if we are installing above or below grade. This can change the availability of their options. If you are considering hiring a wood floor company, here are 12 questions you should ask at your in-home consultation.

We Help You Navigate a Sea of Choices

There are a lot of choices to make when installing new wood floors. It can feel overwhelming sometimes. That’s why we walk homeowners through all of their options. We discuss the width of the planks, the species of wood, and even the stain color. We let them know what to expect from the process and give them an idea of the timeline. We tell them that their stain color does not have to be finalized until the time of sanding, so they don’t feel rushed. We have many stain colors to choose from, and we can also customize a color just for them. We get the opportunity to tell them about our three-coat finish. We use three coats of an environmentally safe, commercial-grade, water-based, fast-drying topcoat. The first coat seals and the second and third build thickness for years of durability. We also tell them about our dustless sanding.

Dustless Sanding Is a Big Benefit

Dustless sanding is a customer favorite. We use the BONA atomic dust containment system® which extracts 99% of dust into a sealed tube which is then carried to our trailer outside. There is no dust in your ductwork and no dust to ruin a perfect finish. It’s environmentally friendly too. Dustless finishing means they don’t have to leave their home during the sanding process. After our in-home consultation, we measure the property and send a proposal within 48 hours. Once the proposal is signed, and the deposit is paid, we can get their project scheduled. We even offer financing to help with budgeting.

In-Home Consultations Build Trust

We understand that installing wood flooring is a big decision and we want to make sure you absolutely love it when we’re done. Our reputation for attention to detail is what keeps us in business. It’s important to build trust as a brand and we know that to do that, we have to first build trust with our individual customers. Our in-home consultation helps us do just that. In short, at SVB Wood Floors, we want to ensure our customers know exactly what to expect – from the products they choose to the project timeline – so there are no surprises. After 30 years in the wood floor business, we know that good communication is paramount when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Our expert team will make the entire wood flooring installation process smooth and stress-free! If you’re considering refinishing, replacing, or adding a wood floor, check out our website or give us a call at (913) 359-4157 or (816) 448-8400. If you’re in a hurry, schedule an in-home consultation and get on the fast track to new wood floors.