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Hardwood Floor Care Instructions

Fading Hardwood Flooring

floor care Hardwood Floor Care InstructionsWe know your hardwood floors are an investment. Our commitment to making your hardwood floors last doesn’t stop when our work is finished. By following these few simple suggestions you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of your wood flooring for years to come.

Steps to Take to Keep Your Wood Floor Beautiful

CLEAN regularly by vacuuming, sweeping, or dust mopping to maintain the floor finish. General cleaning once every week is recommended. Always use cleaners specifically made for urethane treated floors. (SVB WOOD FLOOR SERVICE INC., recommends Bona hardwood floor cleaning products)

REMOVE spills promptly with a soft damp or dry cloth. Sweep or vacuum for dry spills.

RUGS & MATS extend the life of your new wood floor. Use at entryways, the end of steps, bathroom exits or other high traffic or moisture areas. All rugs should allow floor to breathe. Avoid rubber-backed or non-ventilated rugs. Shake out, wash or vacuum mats and area rugs frequently. Wait 2-3 weeks after floor has been finished before using area rugs or mats. This will allow the floor to get the proper air to cure. Air flow helps the curing process.

FURNITURE should not be put back in place until 36 – 48 hours after floor is finished. Attach felt pad floor protectors to the bottom of furniture. Floor protectors must be kept clean of grit and periodically replaced. Carry furniture to its place and lightly set down. Do not slide or scoot furniture across flooring.

MAINTAIN the relative humidity in your home between 35% & 55% using a humidifier during the winter months. Excessive swings in humidity levels will cause wood floors to swell, shrink, cup, crack and show excessive expansion cracks between boards. Since the wood is susceptible to the humidity in the air, natural wood fibers will pull in moisture, causing the wood to expand in the spring and summer months. During the winter months when the house is dry, there will be a shrinking effect in the width of the boards. A humidifier will help stabilize this condition. Wood floors need to be able to expand and contract with temperature and humidity. Expansion cracks from summer to winter are a natural trait of wood floors.

Steps to Avoid to Keep from Damaging Your Wood Floor

DO NOT let sand, dirt, or grit build up on your floor. They can act like a sand paper, abrading and dulling your floor finish.

DO NOT walk on your wood floors with high heels. They can severely damage your finish.

DO NOT let your pets claws go untrimmed. Proper claw trimming helps avoid scratches and gouges.

DO NOT use wax, oil soap or other harsh household cleaners on finished wood floors. They can dull the floor finish and make refinishing difficult.

DO NOT mop floors too much water can cause the floor to swell or warp.

Common Household Accidents & Remedies

GREASE SPOTS: To remove grease, tar, or oil, wipe with a cloth dampened with the appropriate floor cleaner, followed by buffing with a clean, dry cloth.

FOOD, WATER, PET SPOTS: Remove with a damp cloth, followed by buffing with a clean cloth.

WAX OR CHEWING GUM: Apply crushed ice contained in a plastic bag, until material is brittle enough to crumble off the floor surface. Remove any remaining material using a cloth dampened with a mild cleaning solution, then buff with a clean, dry cloth.

STUBBORN STAINS, SPILLS: Wipe with a clean cloth dampened with the appropriate floor cleaner.

SVB WOOD FLOOR SERVICE, INC. recommends Bona hardwood floor cleaning products. This product can be purchased from us in the form of a complete hardwood floor care system which includes 1- mop head, 1- pole, 1- microfiber cleaning pad, 1- 32oz spray bottle and 1- microfiber dusting pad. Replacement refills are available in 32oz. spray bottles or by the gallon.Our water based, non-toxic cleaner is designed for polyurethane-finished hardwood floors. Unlike all-purpose cleaners and oil soaps, it quickly cleans tough stains and spills.

Follow These 3 Easy Steps When Cleaning Your Wood Floors:

1. Vacuum or sweep floor removing any loose dirt or grit.

2. Lightly mist a 4′ x 6′ area of your floor using your Bona spray bottle.

3. Using a slightly dampened, well wrung-out Bona Micro Plus cleaning pad, thoroughly clean the floor in a back and forth motion using your Bona Micro Plus mop. Finish one area before moving on to the next.

For wax and tung oil, and any other finishes not mentioned, please call our office for further information. To purchase any cleaning supplies, please call our office and we will provide you with the necessary products and information to maintain your hardwood floors. Our office number is (913) 213-5187 or (816) 965-8655.