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Give Your Home European Charm with Wire-Brushed Wood Floors

Wire Brushed Wood Floors Photo

Wire Brushed Wood Floors Photo

Ever notice how a house with hardwood floors makes a space feel instantly classy and elegant? There’s a new trend in wood floors that takes that look a step further. It’s wire-brushed wood floors. Wire brushed wood floors are floors that have been brushed with stiff wire to remove the soft wood from the grain revealing the heartwood. The look is more rustic and the process actually produces a stronger piece of wood.

3 Reasons Wire-Brushed Floors Are So Popular:

  1. They Are Durable & Safe
    Because the softer wood is brushed away, leaving hardwood only, wire-brushed floors have a rougher, earthier feel and can handle all of life’s wear and tear. This extra texture even makes the surface less slippery.


  2. They Are Animal & Kid Friendly
    If your dream of having hardwood floors dissipates when you realize you love your pets more, there’s good news! Unlike other “elegant” items in your home, wire-brushed floors hold up well under daily wear and tear. They are ideal for animal-lovers, party-throwers, or young families.


  3. They Have Timeless Charm
    Reclaimed, distressed, and hand-scraped wood floors are just a few of the styles that are popping up in homes everywhere. If you admire the rough, earthier look, but your home’s style isn’t quite that rustic, wire-brushed floors may be the perfect combination of bold yet classy. Wire-brushed floors provide just a touch of rustic appeal, yet exude a timeless elegance that will make your home feel warm and sophisticated.


Whether you’re a long-time homeowner or looking to buy a new abode, nothing says “European charm” more than a wire-brushed hardwood floor. Come into our showroom to see many more wood floors, displayed gallery style, to give you a real idea of how it will look in your home.

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