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Cleaning Your Carpets before the Holidays? Don’t Forget Your Wood Floors

Wood Floor Recoating For Holidays

Yes, now you can have your wood floors professionally refreshed as easily as you have your carpets cleaned. It’s called hardwood floor recoating and it renews your hardwood floor’s shine and luster without the cost and inconvenience of refinishing.

Wood Floor Recoating For HolidaysRecoating Only Takes a Few Hours

We can make your hardwood floor look new in just a few hours. Our recoat system removes the dirt and grime that build up over several years of everyday use dulling your once beautiful wood floors. We use Bona’s professional strength, non-toxic, hardwood floor cleaner concentrate which is formulated to be safe and effective on all hardwood floors that are coated with a clear, unwaxed finish. The process is minimally invasive and the results are phenomenal.

Remove Dirt, Grime and Surface Scratches without Refinishing

Often, the scuffs on your hardwood flooring are actually caused by a layer of dirt and grime that naturally gathers on your flooring over time. There’s a good chance a simple recoat treatment is all you need: A few hours of work, two days to rest, and you can move your furniture right back over hardwood that looks brand new. If you have damage like deep gouges or scrapes, refinishing may be a better choice as recoating will only clean grime and remove light scratches from the surface.

Give Your Wood Floor A Facelift

If you thought refinishing was your only option, think again. Recoating may be exactly what you need to renew your floor for several years. We recommend recoating about every three to five years depending on foot traffic conditions. If you’re not sure which process is right for your floors, give us a call and we can take a look and recommend the best treatment.

Make your hardwood floors look like new this holiday without the hassle of sanding and refinishing. Give SVB Wood Floors a call at (816) 965-8655.