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Bring on the Holiday Staircase Flair: 5 Decorating Ideas

Holiday Decoration Ideas for Your StaircaseIf you’re like many homeowners, your staircase to the second floor of your home is probably located near or in your foyer at the entrance of your home. It’s a huge focal point of your front room, which gives it the ability to set the mood.

Deck the halls this holiday season by dressing up your wood staircase installed by SVB Wood Floors. Here are a few ideas that will show off your beautiful custom wood staircase, as well as your Christmas spirit.

Spell It Out

Don’t just show off your holiday spirit, but spell it out for your guests. Use the steps of your stairs as placeholders for your holiday letters. Whether you’re feeling ‘joy’, or your favorite song is ‘Noel’, use your stairs to show it off with your statement letters.

Be a Show-Off

If you’re a Christmas collector, like many, show off your stock! Some people collect gingerbread homes, nativity scenes, or intricate nutcrackers. Use the steps of your stairs to showcase your beautiful collection. This allows your guests to see them in all their glory, instead of being hidden behind one another in a big bunch. This makes for a dazzling display of holiday spirit.

Wrap It Up

You’ve probably got plenty of leftover wrapping paper and you don’t know what to do with the oddly shaped scraps. Why not use them to wrap up your stairs! Use long rectangular pieces of colorful wrapping paper and tape them to the risers of your stair steps. This makes for a fun display from below.

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Show Your Season’s Greetings

Every holiday season comes with an influx of holiday cards and season’s greetings from friends and family. Much of the time they get thrown into a basket never to be seen again. Show off your season’s greetings by hanging them from your stair railing. This is a great way to showcase cards with holiday scenes, or pictures of your loved ones. It also makes for a great conversation piece for your guests.

Hang It Up

If you’re like many of us, you probably have more ornaments than will fit on your tree. Instead of letting the leftovers sit in a box for another year, showcase them by hanging them from your staircase railing. Tie a ribbon to the top of them, and neatly tie it into a bow from the railing. You can make a pattern with different colors and shapes or just hang some of your favorite unused ornaments.

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