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5 Hardwood Floor Care Tips to Prepare You for the Holiday Season

Holiday Floor Care TipsThe holidays are a time for cheerful gatherings with friends and family. But that also means a lot more pitter-patter of feet in your home. This season, safeguard your hardwood floors from the increase in activity and traffic, and take a few steps to keep them gleaming and impress your guests. Here are five of SVB Wood Floors top seasonal care tips.

Routine Maintenance

Make sure your floors have a good base going into the holiday season. Be sure to regularly sweep, dust or mop leading up to your holiday parties. This will be sure to prevent small dust and debris particles from being dragged around and scraping and scratching your floors, dulling its shine.

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Remove Spills Quickly

If you have pets, kids, or if you’re just prone to spilling, make sure you wipe up spills and spots as soon as they happen. Removing spills and spots as quickly as possible will prevent long-term damage to your floors, and keep them looking uniform and sparkling for your holiday parties.

Use Rugs & Mats to Preserve Your Floor

Before your guests arrive try and map out which areas of your home will be the highest trafficked. These typically tend to be the front foyer or hallway, the kitchen, and hallways to the bathroom. We suggest laying down rugs or mats in some of these areas to protect them. But always make sure you’re using a rug or mat pad underneath to prevent the rug or mat from sliding around and being abrasive to the smooth hardwood floors below.

Protect Your Floor from Your Furniture

Another holiday pitfall for your floors is your furniture. With more guests in your home, you’re sure to have people moving furniture around to accommodate more seating, or to open up a space for gifts, etc. But you can take a few steps to prevent moving furniture legs from scratching your floors. Attach felt pad floor protectors on the feet of your furniture. This will allow them to easily glide on your hardwood floors without leaving damage behind.

Safeguard Your Floor from Other Dangers

Other safety measures you can take to protect your floors this season include trimming pets’ nails and claws, as well as instilling a ‘no shoes’ policy in your home. While the first precaution is self-explanatory, the second will also help your floors a great deal. Women often wear high heels (stilettos are hardwood floor enemies), which can dent, scratch and dull your beautiful floors.

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