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6 Species of Wood for Your Home’s Hardwood Floors

Wood Floor Species SVB wordsAt SVB Wood Floors, we know that when it comes to hardwood floors it’s not one size fits all. Style varies by both home and homeowner. That’s why we offer several different types of hardwood floors for you to choose from. You can customize your wood floors by stain, design, style, and species of wood. Here are six different species selections to choose from and why they will work in your home. Each of these wood species can come clean, meaning without knots in the wood, or they can come with some knots or full knots to add character. It all depends on your stylistic taste.

Red Oak

Red Oak floors have a rich red tint. They can come in a variety of board widths. This is always a classic look, with thick planks being more dramatic.

White Oak

White Oak floors can be stained any color, from white to tans and browns. They have closely spaced growth lines and can be milled a certain way, rift or quartered. This will give the wood a different grain pattern. White Oak can be milled with a straight, radial, or a flat sawn grain pattern.


Walnut hardwood floors have rich chocolate hues with beautiful auburn and blonde undertones. Its beautiful and complex grain patterns make for an attractive flooring choice with lots of character. Choose from several stain choices or none at all for this classy hardwood species. The wood is very durable and strong, perfect for entryways and rooms that have high traffic.


Hickory hardwood’s intricate grain of the wood lends to its character, making it popular in wide planks. It is a very durable species, but has to be properly acclimated to the area and dried properly for quality installation. We glue our hickory floors down to prevent warping.   Check out our photo gallery to see examples of our hardwood floor installation, refinishing, and repairs.


Maple hardwood floors are rich and elegant. They are softer species of wood that is a good fit for rooms with a lower level of traffic.

American Cherry

American Cherry is considered to be an “exotic” species of wood and has superior graining and color. Because of this, many homeowners choose larger planks to show off its character.   Call SVB Wood Floors today for a free consultation on hardwood floor installation in your home.