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5 Ways You Are Ruining Your Hardwood Floors

wood floor refinish Kansas CityA beautiful hardwood floor can revitalize the appearance of any home, but this unique type of flooring does require a few minor changes to daily habits in order to avoid unwanted damage. If you have recently had a hardwood floor installed or are looking to upgrade the flooring in your home, here are five of the most common ways owners can ruin their beautiful hardwood flooring.

1. Using too much water when mopping 
Hardwood flooring can be somewhat resilient to a small amount of water, but using too much water while mopping the floor may cause damage. When water seeps into wooden flooring it can lead to warping, swelling, and mold.

2. Using the wrong cleaners 
Generic chemical cleaners can be harsh on even the most durable hardwood flooring. Owners should only clean the floors with products that have been specifically designed for hardwood. We recommend Bona products.

Check out SVB Wood Floor’s guide for cleaning wood floors the right way.

3. Letting sand, dirt or grit build up on your floor 
When too much loose dirt or sand is left on the floor it will begin to act like sandpaper, especially in high-traffic areas. Those that live in homes in which a lot of dirt is tracked in or have an especially large amount of dust should have their hardwood floors cleaned as regularly as possible to prevent serious damage.

4. Not Using Rugs & Mats in High-Traffic Areas
The absolute best way to protect the hardwood floor is to use rugs and runners in high-traffic areas such as hallways. Instead of having to use hardwood-specific cleaners, owners can simply remove the rugs to clean or replace them whenever it is needed.

5. Wearing High Heels
Any shoes with an abrasive or hard soul will take a toll on a hardwood floor, and this includes high heels. High heels should never be worn on hardwood as they can gouge and ruin the finish on the flooring.

If you are considering having hardwood flooring installed in your own home or have questions about protecting your current hardwood floors our specialists are ready to help. Please call SVB Wood Floors at (913) 213-5187 or (816) 965-8655 today to discuss your own options.