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10 Moving Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Scratch Free

moving furniture on hardwood floors

Keep Floors Scratch Free

Moving heavy furniture, like refrigerators, is never fun but it must be done. Unfortunately, if not executed properly, the floor is sometimes scratched when moving these heavy objects. Here at SVB Wood Floors, we get hardwood floor repair calls all of the time. A majority of these calls come from homeowners after they move furniture. Next time you plan on moving something in your house, follow these tips:

1.) Clean It Up

Most of the time, homeowners completely forget to clean the floors before moving furniture. Yes we know, no one enjoys cleaning the floors but it will save you some grief and most likely some money in the long run. Small rocks or even dust can cause large amounts of damage to your floors if they are caught between heavy furniture and the floor. Make sure to sweep your floors and remove this grit.

2.) Move Furniture Slowly

No matter how heavy the piece of furniture is, take your time when moving it. Sliding off the padding remains a threat if you are moving it too quickly. If you are pushing the furniture, keep a close eye on the padding. If something feels or sounds off, stop what you are doing and check for damages. If you notice any damage, immediately stop what you are doing so you can reduce the scratching.

3.) Don’t Drag Furniture

Do your best to avoid dragging furniture. If the object can be lifted and moved across the room, it is best to do so. Moving furniture is usually a team lift and by that, we mean to ask for help from a friend, neighbor, or relative. Be very careful if you do decide to drag or slide it. There should always be some sort of cushion between the furniture and the floor.

4.) Lighten the Load

Take some weight off! If the object is extremely heavy, see what attachments you can remove to make it as light as possible. For example, if you are moving a dresser, remove the drawers and/or contents inside them.

Additionally, if a mirror is attached, take the time to unscrew a few screws to set the mirror aside. Removing these items will not only make the load lighter but will also prevent any part of the furniture from sliding and creating a problem.

5.) Soften the Surface When Sliding

As mentioned earlier, always put something soft between the floor and the object. Folded towels, thick moving blankets, or even small area rugs are perfect for moving purposes. Just make sure the fuzzy side is always faced towards the wood floor.

Always remember, if you use the area rug or even old carpet, to shake them out before using. This will remove all the grit and debris which could cause a problem later on. Never use cardboard to move furniture.

6.) Try It on Its Side

If it’s not too big or heavy, maybe try laying the piece of furniture on its back or side. If the fabric allows, you can just slide it. By distributing the weight over a larger area, the chances of scratching the surface area decrease. Now all you need to worry about is watching corners or legs to make sure they don’t hit anything or so you can lift it back up to its upright position. This option usually requires some help.

7.) Get Some Gliders

Everyone who uses gliders instantly loves them. Gliders are special pads that fit under your furniture and make moving heavy objects a breeze. You can find a variety of different sizes and they are all very affordable. The best part is that gliders are reusable and super convenient to use every time you decide to move something around.

8.) Refrigerator Trick

Refrigerators are best known for their ability to easily scratch hardwood floors. When installing a refrigerator, we suggest laying two pieces of hardboard just in front of where the back wheels will be when it is in its final position, slide it back into place on the boards, and then carefully lean it backward to remove the boards.

9.) Don’t Trust the Wheels

Be cautious when using wheels. They are great for boosting confidence. Just because a piece is on wheels, doesn’t mean those wheels won’t scratch or dent your wood floors. These wheels can get stuck sideways and not turn easily. If you still insist on using the wheels, you can place a piece of ¼” thick hardboard on the floor and roll the wheels over it.

10.) Don’t Use Dollies with Hard Rubber Wheels

Dollies are a lifesaver and are great for moving heavy furniture. But before you load anything up onto the dolly, make sure the wheels are inflatable rubber wheels. Hard rubber wheels can actually cause a good amount of damage to your floors when you take into account the weight of the object you are moving.

We hope by following these 10 tips you will help keep your hardwood floors looking great! By chance, if you accidentally damage your wood floor, give us a call (816) 965-8655 or schedule a free consultation online. You can also download our free guide to taking care of your hardwood floors below:

wood floor care guide 10 Moving Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Scratch Free