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11 Reasons Why SVB is Kansas City’s #1 Hardwood Flooring Company

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If your hardwoods look worn and scuffed, then it’s probably time to refinish them and restore them to their original glory. 

Sanding and refinishing your hardwood flooring may sound like a big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Choosing the right flooring company to help you with your flooring project makes all the difference. 

If you’re concerned about the mess and health hazards associated with this process, you need to work with a reputable flooring company that offers dustless refinishing with exterior dust extraction. 

Why Dustless Refinishing with Exterior Dust Extraction?

If dust is not contained and extracted when sanding wood floors, it can create serious air quality issues in your home, which poses a significant risk to your health. In fact, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) deems poor indoor air quality to be among the top threats to human health.

Some of the immediate health concerns associated with poor air quality include irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, headaches, and fatigue. People with respiratory illnesses like allergies or asthma, for example, may go into respiratory distress when exposes to dust particles caused by sanding. 

Serious long-term concerns associated with poor air quality include certain cancers, developmental delays, heart disease, and more. 

Dustless hardwood floor refinishing with exterior dust extraction removes almost all the dust particles from your home, protecting your health and home. 

How Does This Process Work?

Simply put, virtually all the dust generated from sanding your wood floors is extracted using non-marking hoses for collection outside your home in our van. This eliminates the need to hand plastic to contain the dust, and there’s virtually no messy cleanup. Additionally, there is very little risk that dust will get in your air vents and cause serious health issues. 

Is Dustless Refinishing Common Practice? 

Although many companies in the Kansas City area use vacuums to suck up the dust from sanding, they do not have exterior extraction. And because the dust is not extracted, there are most certainly particles and mess left behind. 

SVB is the only company in the KC metro area that extracts dust from the home and into our sealed vans. There is almost no dust left behind and very little cleanup. 

This process is so neat and tidy that many people opt to stay in their homes during the refinishing process. This saves money in the long run, as there’s no need to pay for alternative accommodations while you refinish your floors.

Our dustless refinishing and exterior extraction process are so safe that we’ve earned a Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification. 

Other Factors Should be Considered When Hiring a Company to Refinish Hardwood Floors

Hiring a hardwood flooring company is a personal decision. There are many factors to consider when making your choice. 

We know that cost plays a big role in this decision, so let us remind you that when it comes to hardwood flooring, you get what you pay for. 

Although there are certain companies that can refinish hardwood floors cheaply, they almost always use lower-quality materials and outdated practices on the job. 

Furthermore, with many smaller flooring companies lack the professional training and accreditations that SVB Wood Floors has. This means they’re less likely to use up-to-date best practices, like making four passes when sanding hardwood floors. 

10 More Reasons Why SVB Wood Floors is the Best Flooring Company in Kansas City

We know there are lots of options when it comes to choosing a hardwood flooring company, so we want to make the decision easy. We’ve identified eleven things that we do that set us apart from other flooring companies in the Kansas City Metro. 

Infographic Full min 11 Reasons Why SVB is Kansas City’s #1 Hardwood Flooring Company1. We make four passes when sanding hardwood floors.

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) recommends making at least four passes with a sander, using a different grit each time. SVB’s typical sanding process begins with us typically using a 40 grit, then 60, 80, and finishing with 100 or 120 grit to get the floors smooth and ready for stain and sealant. 

2. SVB uses high-quality materials and finishes. 

Hardwood floors are an investment. Therefore, it’s important that a flooring company uses high-quality materials and finishes to increase the longevity of your floor. 

In addition to high-quality flooring materials, we pride ourselves on using bona HD traffic sealant. This product is designed to minimize and help prevent damages caused by high traffic on your hardwood floors. 

3. Hires and Trains Skilled W-2 Employees

One thing the owner of SVB prioritize is hiring and training skilled professionals. Other companies may hire undocumented labor that is not licensed and insured. This could present a serious risk to you as a homeowner if something were to happen to a worker while they were at your home. 

SVB wants you to feel confident that the workers in your home have your best interest in mind and will conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner.  

4. We are a proud member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and a certified NEFA flooring installer. 

Professional certifications matter and the NWFA is the most widely recognized and respected flooring association in the United States. Our membership and certification ensure SVB employees are knowledgeable on top flooring trends and installation practices. 

5. SVB Wood Floors offers free in-home design consultations and estimates. 

Not sure where to get started when it comes to installing or refinishing your wood floors, call us. We are happy to come to your home, discuss your flooring needs, and provide you with a design consultation and estimate. Other companies may charge for this, even if you’re in the KC metro, but we provide this service to our clients for free!

6. Financing is available for qualifying projects.

We know that installing or refinishing hardwood flooring is a costly investment which is why we’re happy to offer financing options on qualifying projects. We want all homeowners to have the opportunity to get the flooring of their dreams without overextending their wallets. 

7. The SVB team will give you an easy-to-read line item estimate. 

No one likes complicated estimates that require a Ph.D. in math and reading. That’s why we make ours simple with everything you need to complete the job listed out in an organized fashion. 

You do not have to worry about hidden costs or fees. We’re always upfront, straightforward, and fair with our bids. 

8. Price Match Guarantees are Available.

Got a better price for the same type of flooring service, tell us. We’ll happily match it. 

9. SVB has dedicated back-end support staff to help with your every need. 

We care about our customers and are committed to offering you the best customer service in the industry. That’s why we hire dedicated back-end support staff to assist our flooring professionals and customers. 

10. We have a BRAND NEW showroom that’s open to the public

We don’t expect you to make big flooring decisions without seeing the product in person. That’s why we re-did our showroom to provide you with a state-of-the-art place to view product samples and talk to designers who know current flooring trends and can help you decide what will work best in your home. 

Ready for your next flooring project? Contact SVB! 

If you’re ready to begin your next flooring project, reach out to the SVB team. We would be happy to discuss your flooring needs. Rather it’s installation or refinishing, our team would be happy to assist you in updating your flooring to bring warmth and style into your home. 

Fill out our contact form or give us a call to get started!