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SVB to the Rescue – Your Hardwood Repair Experts


floor-repairWhether it’s water damage from that time your dishwasher overflowed while you were away, or simply a collection of everyday accidents, hardwood floors occasionally need to be repaired.

Many homeowners assume that repairing their hardwood floor – even a small section – means replacing the whole floor. Thankfully, SVB Wood Floors has a better way to repair those problem spots.

Replacement Isn’t Your Only Option

Replacing your hardwood floor may seem like a daunting and expensive task – but it’s important to note that a total replacement isn’t your only option! There are means of repairing parts of a wood floor, but it’s a job best left for the professionals.

How Do You Repair Hardwood Floors?

 – Start with an on-site inspection of your problem area. A professional will be able to tell the extent of the damage, and figure out just how much of the floor will actually need to be replaced.

 – The next step is to get rid of the damaged boards to make way for the new ones. It’s important to have a trained professional taking up your floor boards to prevent further damage to your existing floor.

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 – After the old boards are gone, new boards are ‘laced’ in. This technique gives a seamless finish that will make you forget you ever had a spot there in the first place!

 – Of course, your current floor won’t perfectly match the new boards, and the final step is to fix that. Once the new flooring is in place, it’s time to sand down and refinish the area.

When selecting your repair service, it’s important to take a look at their refinishing process too, since it’s the last step of the repair process. SVB stands apart because of our dustless sanding system, which saves you time, money, and even years off your life.

Whether you’re looking for repairs, a new floor, or to make an old floor look like new, call SVB Wood Floors at (816) 965-8655.