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Summer Is a Great Time to Install Hardwood Floors

royal oak Summer Is a Great Time to Install Hardwood Floors

Summer is just around the corner here in Kansas City. At SVB, we believe that anytime is a great time to install new wood floors. But there are some advantages to having a floor installed in summer.

Take Your Vacation and Return to Brand New Hardwood Floors

Our expert team at SVB strives to make your floor installation as easy and stress free as possible. But as we all know, having someone working in your home can be an inconvenience especially with kids and pets. And even though SVB uses stains and sealants with low VOCs, a certain amount of smell is unavoidable. There will be noise and some areas that you will not have access to while the flooring is being installed. Why not plan your install during your summer vacation? You get to relax and come back to beautiful new wood floors.

Enjoy Summer While SVB Installs Your Floors

Summer temperatures offer other alternatives to staying inside your house. During the summer there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied outside of your home while your new hardwood floors are being installed. The weather is perfect to spend a few hours going to the pool, visiting the zoo or playing at the park while SVB works on your floors.

Get New Hardwood Floors Today!

You can install hardwood floors any time of the year, but if you are already planning a vacation you might want to take advantage of the timing. It is nice to come home well rested and relaxed and even better to come home to brand new beautiful hardwood floors! Call (913) 396-6769 or (816) 944-3150 to speak with an SVB floor installation specialist and enjoy your summer and your new hardwood floors.