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Refinishing Wood Floors – Go Dustless and Stay Home!

Womans feet walking on new hardwood floor from SVB

Womans feet walking on new hardwood floor from SVBIf you’ve been putting off refinishing your hardwood floors because you just can’t face the hassle, help is on the way. SVB Wood Floors, Kansas City’s premier flooring company and a National Wood Floor Association winner, has a state-of-the-art dustless floor refinishing system that does the job in just a few days – and you don’t have to move out.


The Dustless Refinishing Process

Until now, the worst part about refinishing floors was the dust – no matter how much you taped ducts, took down window treatments, and tried to seal your cabinets, the dust that the sanders kicked up just took up residence in your house and settled for what seemed like months. No more.

The Atomic Dust Containment System, by BONA (you’ve seen their cleaning products in stores), really does mitigate the sanding dust so much that you and your pets can stay in the house during the process. The BONA system traps dust particles and immediately sucks them out to a containment system in the truck. This technology is a lot healthier for everybody, primarily because there is no stress on the respiratory systems of the technicians and the homeowners. If asthma or other respiratory concerns have stopped you from having your floors redone, the BONA system reduces airborne dust by 99.8% – the only dust left in your home is what’s already there. Plus, since there aren’t any microscopic dust particles floating down from the ceiling vents, the new finish is as smooth as glass – no more tiny granular spots are sealed into the finish.

BONA Dustless System Is Quicker and Easier

Before, when you refinished your floors the old-fashioned way, you almost had to completely move out of the house for a few days – especially if you have a larger home and were doing all the floors. The BONA system is ultimately a more cost-effective way to refinish your floors – no storage, hotels, or pet boarding to factor into the overall cost.


SVB Wood Floors invites you to contact us for a consultation on how the BONA Dustless process can restore your floors to their former sheen and shine. The consultation is free, and you’ll be glad you did.