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Color Matching New Hardwood Floors to Existing Wood Floors

Wood floor

Many of our customers tell us that they would like to add new wood floors to their home that has existing wood floors. They worry that extending the wood floor to an adjacent room will be difficult to do without it looking obvious. Have no fear! Color matching wood floors is something that we do all the time. 

Custom Colors

First of all, at SVB, we offer custom stain colors. We can create the exact color you want with our custom color process. We test it on your floor so you can see it in your room(s) before approving. Once you are happy with the color, we apply the stain to the floor and install replacement base shoe so everything looks perfect. Our custom color process makes color matching easy. 

If you are trying to match hardwood flooring with an existing wood floor color, one of our flooring experts will examine the existing wood flooring and give you an assessment of what to expect. It can be challenging to match due to a number of factors including the age of the wood floor and color fading of the existing floor due to sunlight, spills, moisture, cleaning solutions, etc. The products the previous company used during the wood floor  installation or refinishing can also play a role. Ideally, any damage is not deep and once we sand the surface we find good, unscathed wood. While it can be tricky matching hardwood flooring with existing flooring, we have had great success at it. If there are extenuating circumstances that will compromise the ability to make the floors match, we will let you know that before starting the project.  

How To Transition Between Two Different Wood Floors Seamlessly

If you are adding wood floors to an adjacent room and you want it to look seamless, we can do that too. We use a process called “lacing” to make the transition flow from floor to floor. Thresholds disappear and no one can tell that the floor ended where it used to end. Lacing makes it look as if the floors in both rooms were installed at the same time. While you can try to DIY a lacing job, the odds of creating a truly seamless look without a professional are very slim. It takes an expert eye and sanding and staining of all the wood involved to accomplish lacing correctly. Our skilled craftsmen know how to achieve the results you desire.

What Is Lacing?

wood floor lace-inLacing is basically incorporating new planks into an existing floor to extend it and blend it into a new wood floor. We remove any old, damaged wood, insert new wood and then sand it all for a smooth, even finish. All parts are sanded with SVB’s dustless refinishing system. Then we stain it all the same color for a completely invisible transition from room to room. You can see in the photo (before sanding and staining has happened) where we have added individual planks of the same species. Once sanded, the unfinished planks will be a uniform color and both old and new planks will take the new stain color (of your choice) evenly to create a cohesive look.

Wood floor color match testimonial

Dustless Sanding

We use the Bona Atomic Dust Containment System for a completely dust-free refinish. It traps all airborne dust before it can spread throughout your home and transports the particles into a trailer outside. There’s no need to leave your home, board your pets or disrupt your life and your floor’s finish is beautiful.

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If you’re considering adding or extending your wood floors, give us a call. Our craftsmen will ensure you get amazing results and no one will ever know your floor was an addition after the fact. We pay attention to every detail from communication, to quality, to the latest technology to make sure your floor and your experience are flawless. 

Call us at (913) 396-6769 or (816) 965-8655 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate and design consultation.