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Which Flooring Option Will Give You the Best ROI?


In the past several decades, hardwood floors have replaced carpeting as the most desirable flooring option for homeowners. However, because wood floors don’t come cheap, some homeowners are left wondering if they’re worth the investment.

To clear the air, the experts at SVB Wood Floors are breaking down the benefits of three main types of flooring, as well as offering valuable insights on which has the best return on investment.

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Option #1: Carpet

carpeted-living-room-ROI-SVB-Wood-floors-kcThere’s no question that a good quality carpet can be a lovely flooring choice, and with proper care, this option could last for several years. Unfortunately, there’s no absolute guarantee when it comes to the question of carpet longevity.

It depends on several factors including quality, traffic, and maintenance. It’s certainly possible for a high-quality, well-cared for carpet in a low-traffic area to last up to 20 years at $15-$20 per square yard, but the lifespan of carpeting cannot be absolutely determined.

Option #2: Tile

porcelain-tile-floors-ROI-SVB-Wood-Floors-kansas-cityPorcelain tile is generally denser than other types of tile, which means it typically has a longer life expectancy, and a good-quality porcelain tile floor can last for 20+ years. Since porcelain tile is so dense and the firing process so hot, porcelain tile ends up being as hard as granite. In addition, the color runs all the way through the tile, so fading is not an issue.

Although the tile itself is easy to clean, the grout is notoriously hard to maintain and keep looking fresh. However, porcelain tile is also a pricier option than other tiles — costing around $4-$12 per square foot installed. Plus,  installation is time-consuming, even for a professional.

Option #3: Hardwood Floors

hardwood-floors-ROI-SVB-wood-floors-kansas-cityQuality hardwood flooring has the longest lifespan of all other quality flooring materials, and with proper installation, maintenance, and refinishing, it can last a lifetime. Many old buildings still have hardwood floors that were originally installed over 100 years ago, so they’re definitely an investment you’d be wise to consider for your own home! Beautiful, classic, and highly desirable, wood flooring is hard to beat.

The most common hardwoods, such as oak, maple, walnut or cherry, cost an average of $5-$10 per square foot plus another $4-$8 for installation. Although this isn’t an inexpensive up-front investment, consider the fact that they may outlive you, and will increase the market value of your home substantially. According to Leslie Piper, Home Advisor’s consumer housing specialist, and a realtor herself, most buyers today want hardwood floors, and may pass up houses that don’t have them! Overall, hardwood flooring offers, by far, the best ROI for your money.

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