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Design Inspiration: On The Floor No More

Hardwood Trends Around the HomeWhile we will always love a beautiful hardwood floor, the new trend is taking it up a notch, literally. Hardwood is no longer for just your floor. We’re seeing it everywhere from accent walls to ceilings. Here are some of our favorite design inspirations from Pinterest and beyond.

Rustic Chevron Hardwood Wall

We love unique patterns and designs like this chevron hardwood wall. Nothing about this wall is ordinary. The distinctive pattern attracts the eye and keeps your focus until you realize that you’re looking at a wall, not a floor.

Unexpected Hardwood Ceilings

Another place we are seeing hardwood pop up is on ceilings, and in very unexpected stains and shades. Forget perfectly painted and primed wood paneling, these wood ceilings are meant to stand out, not blend in. Try a light blonde stain paired with neat white walls and doors, or a white-washed wood ceiling against simple white walls.

Hardwood Wall Accent

We’re also seeing a lot of hardwood accents in the interior design world. These accents are partial walls that act as a backdrop to a television, fireplace, toilet, or bed where people typically spend extended periods of time. We love this wood accent piece behind a simple flat screen television. The simple hardwood lines contrast with the varied wood stains and colors, making for a visually interesting focal point, even when the TV is turned off.

If you’re interested in taking your hardwood game to the next level we can help. Meet with our SVB Wood Floors Design Consultants to help you create your own unique hardwood piece in your Kansas City home. Call us at (913) 213-5187 or (816) 965-8655 today to set up an appointment.