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Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing – No Other Way To Go!

room with refinished hardwood floors

room with refinished hardwood floors

Anybody who has ever had hardwood floors installed or refinished knows what a hassle it can be. Sealing rooms off from the rest of the house, having to put Fido or Fluffy in the kennel until the job is done, and even having to take a day off work in some cases.

Thanks to our Atomic Dust Containment System by Bona, we are happy to say those days are long gone.

SVB Brings You the Latest Technology in Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation

Today, there’s a brand new way to get the job done without the mess and without all the hassle! It’s SVB’s dustless sanding & refinishing process. No more will you need to worry about having to leave your home when getting your hardwood floor refinished.

We will leave your home as clean as when we started because our machine sucks up all of the dust, even before it enters the air.

How a Dust Extraction System Works

floor refinishing Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing - No Other Way To Go!

When SVB Wood Floors refinishes a floor, we use a system to sand that actually removes the dust from your home immediately.

Where other sanders kick dust into the air that must be later cleaned up and removed, our dust containment system pulls all the dust out of your home and straight into the containment unit in our truck outside, keeping the inside of your home clean and 99.8% dust-free.

Homeowners don’t have to worry about closing off the rooms to be worked on, covering other rooms and furniture, or staying out of the home. The dust is never loose in your home, which makes the process much cleaner, faster, and safer for everyone involved.

It also ensures a nicer end-result, free of any microscopic dust particles that might get trapped in the finishing process. It’s state-of-the-art floor finishing.

Benefits of the Atomic DCS System:

  • No airborne dust particles
  • No allergy or asthma issues
  • No need to vacate your home
  • No need to kennel your pets
  • Dust does not enter the ductwork where it can stay for months and get re-circulated
  • No need to seal rooms with plastic sheeting
  • Dust free environment ensures a perfect finish coat

No Dangerous Respiratory Effects

Traditionally, when a home’s floors are refinished, a technician begins by sanding the floors. As the top layer is sanded away, it becomes dust that fills the air of the home. Everything in the house must either be covered or removed to escape the dust.

All vents and ducts must be carefully sealed to prevent dust from collecting, and then spreading through the house again when the air is turned on. Sanding and cleaning may take anywhere between a day to a week, depending on the square footage. Even after the project is finished, it is common for homeowners to be cleaning up lingering dust for months afterward.

Dustless Sanding Means a Flawless Finish

best finish for wood floors because of dustless sanding

With our dustless sanding system we can provide better service to you during the refinishing process and also ensure that you end up with a better final product afterwards.

If you’ve been putting off having your wood floors refinished, or having wood floors installed because of the hassle, give us a call.

With our dustless refinishing, you’ll have beautiful, new hardwood floors in no time with no hassle.

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Other Great Reasons for Using Our Dustless Floor Refinishing

  • You won’t need to remove sensitive electronic equipment.
  • No need to use a harsh chemical to strip the finish from your floor.
  • No wondering about how secure your home is at night.
  • No need to seal off the room from the rest of the house.
  • Your pets will be less anxious because they can stay with you.

We would love to talk with you more about our environmentally friendly, dustless floor sanding process. Our consultation is free of charge and will cover everything you need to know about making your floor look its best.

Give SVB Wood Floors a call today at (816) 965-8655.

wood floor care guide Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing - No Other Way To Go!