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3 Products You Never Want to Use on Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Flooring CleanersA quality hardwood floor installation can make any home dazzle for years with its original luster, stain and beauty. While keeping this up requires the proper cleaning, it is important to know which products to avoid. Kansas City’s hardwood specialists SVB Wood Floors, put together a list of our three products you never want to use on your floors.

Steer Clear of Using Ammonia Cleaners

Hardwood floors and ammonia cleaners do not mix. Why? The reason for this is because ammonia cleaners tend to dull the finish of your floor. When this happens, your hard wood flooring will not last as long and sometimes can cause re-coating your floor to be a more difficult process.

Large Amounts of Water Can Swell Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to mopping your hardwood floors, it is important to avoid using too much water. Wood is a material that tends to expand when it is wet. This swelling can then lead to cracks or splinters in your hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floors and Oil Soaps Do Not Mix

Avoid using oil soaps on your hardwood floors. The reasoning behind this is not because of what occurs immediately after your floors are cleaned, but rather what can occur in the long run. Down the road, when it is time to apply a new coat for restoration of your hardwood flooring, the oil in the floor can cause problems with the finish. Instead, consider using a neutral pH cleaner that is made specifically for hard wood flooring.

If you have questions about which products can and cannot be use on your hardwood floors, give SVB Wood Floors a call at (913) 213-5187. Our team of experts can come to your home and address a specific problem if needed!