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3 Hardwood Entryways We Love

Hardwood Entrance 3 Hardwood Entryways We Love

Hardwood EntranceA new year is right around the corner, and a new entryway could be in the cards, too! It’s the first room your guests see when they enter your Kansas City home through the front door. Make an impression right off the bat, by installing one of these three mesmerizing hardwood entryways in your home. If you’re interested in something more unique and personalized, consult our award-winning hardwood floor experts.

Wood Medallions Create a Focal Point

Draw attention to your beautiful hardwood floors in the new year, and have SVB Wood Floors install a wood medallion in your foyer. We have pre-made medallion and inlays, and we can also create custom designs for your home. A Medallion, or inlay, is a spectacular way to create a grand entryway into your home. We can even create medallions and inlays on the risers of your front staircase.

Pretty Patterns Create Character

Another way to draw the eye across your entryway is by creating a gorgeous wood patterned floor. Geometric designs, like chevron, are a great way to create character and force the eyes of your guests to survey the room. It creates a captivating entrance that your guests will not soon forget.

Old Is New

A major trend for 2015 is going back to our roots. Think natural materials and recycled objects. That’s why we are loving reclaimed and handcrafted hardwood floors for the new year, especially in foyers and entryways. The natural colors and textures create a relaxed and soothing vibe. Whether it’s your permanent home here in Kansas City, or your vacation home at the lake, you’ll love the effect reclaimed and handcrafted hardwood floors have on the appearance of your foyer.

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