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3 Great Ideas to Highlight Your Hardwood Floors

Wood floor installation photoWhen it comes to the hardwood floors in your Kansas City area home make sure you let them shine. And we don’t just mean by cleaning them. The way you stain and install hardwood floors can drastically affect the look and feel of different rooms in your home, and either draw attention to or deflect it from your floors. If you’re a big hardwood floor advocate, try these ideas to make your floors stand out and be the shining star of your home.

Use Different Sized Boards in Different Rooms

For many homeowners, different rooms have different themes and feels to them. Make that differentiation even more prominent with your flooring choices. One way to show where one area ends and another begins is by changing the size and shape of the hardwood planks from room to room. For a more relaxed feel, choose wider planks. For a more formal appearance, choose narrower boards.

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Angle the Boards Differently in Rooms

Another great idea to change up the tempo from room to room in your home is to angle the hardwood planks in different directions depending on the room. If you have an open floor plan, show more distinction between the kitchen and family room by making a break between the rooms, and slightly change the angle the planks are laid. This can be a very visually appealing way to break up the rooms and to add a lot of character to your home.

Stain Floor Borders

To refine the look of your hardwood floors and add a touch of elegance try this little trick; border the hardwood floors in different rooms of your home with wood that is stained in a darker or lighter color. This really makes your floors pop. To enhance this look, we suggest using pigment-rich stain colors for both the floor itself and the border wood.

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