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How to Protect the Wood in Your Kansas City Home from Holiday Decoration Abuse

No Shoe PolicyWhile all is merry and bright during the holiday season, it isn’t always the case for the wood in your home. All of the parties and the festive decorating can take its toll on your susceptible hardwoods. But there are ways to keep the wood in your home safe from the abuse. Here are SVB Wood Floor’s top tips to protect all the wood areas in your home this holiday so you can continue being cheery all season long.

Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Instill a no-shoes policy in your home this holiday season. Between snow, ice and salt tracked inside, and high heeled shoes click clacking dents into your floors, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Asking kids and guests to slip their shoes off in the foyer or garage is a great way to prevent damage.

Also make sure to never drag your Christmas tree (real or fake) across your hardwood floors. This can scratch up the finish in your floors leaving it dull and lackluster.

Safeguard Your Mantel

Most fireplace mantels are constructed of some sort of wood, which means it’s also susceptible to damage. Never use nails to hang your stockings or other seasonal decorations from your mantel. This can leave sizeable holes, especially if your decorations are heavy and continue to pull and drag on the nail all season. A better route is to use weighted hooks.

Save Your Staircase Railing

When it comes to your hardwood staircase, a combination of the previous two principles is a great way to avoid damage. No shoes, and no nails for the holidays. Another thing to be cautious about are little hands full of sticky residue from a holiday dinner and sweets. If this is a concern for you, think about covering your stair railings with wrapped ribbon or another material to avoid irremovable stains.

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