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Will Adding Hardwood Floors Help You Sell Your Home?

Home with For Sale Sign Photo

Home with For Sale Sign Photo Spring is traditionally the best time to sell your home. So we started with a simple question; Will adding hardwood floors help you sell your home? Now, we are a hardwood floor company, so naturally, we would promote adding hardwood floors, right? That’s why we searched the Internet for some unbiased information from other trustworthy sources about adding hardwood floors. Here is a compilation of what others say about adding hardwood floors for resale. If you’d like to read the entire article, just click on the source name.

Realtor.com – Is Replacing Carpet With Hardwood Always Worth It?

Thinking about replacing your floors? Especially if you have carpet, the choice seems clear: Hardwood floors are preferred by home buyers and renters across the United States. In more traditional markets, tastes still lean toward oak floors, but some owners of more contemporary homes are choosing to stain their wood floors in different colors. Other trends in hardwood include wider planks, the use of reclaimed wood or hand-scraped wood that looks antique and exotic species of wood such as hickory or walnut.

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MarketWatch.com – When Selling, Hardwood Floor Beats Carpet

If you have carpeting covering up your hardwood floors, consider ripping it up before selling it. And if you don’t have wood floors, installing them might be a smart move. That’s because most buyers today want them — and they might be more likely to pass up homes with wall-to-wall carpet

USA Today11 Home Features Buyers Will Pay Extra for

Some 25% of buyers under the age of 35, and 28% of those between 35 and 54, considered hardwood floors “very important” when looking for a home. Only 17% of people ages 55 and up felt the same way. In previous generations, homes with carpets were considered better in order to conserve energy. Even today, older people are more likely to feel more comfortable with carpeting because the insulation makes the home a little bit warmer. But for younger people looking to have many guests at the house and for people with children, hardwood floors are desirable because they are easier to clean than carpets.

Style at Home10 Best Home Upgrades for Resale

Especially on the main floor, hardwood is perennially popular with buyers. If your floors are refinished but worn, have them lightly sanded and resealed. If they’re very beaten up consider replacing them.

There you have it. We figured this would have more value to you if it came from someone other than SVB Wood Floors. We hope that if you are selling your home and you want to install, repair, or refinish your wood floors, you will give us a call at (816) 965-8655.