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Add Life to Your Staircase Landings with Custom Wood Floor Designs

Custom Wood Floor StaircaseOne of our favorite areas to install wood flooring is on the staircase landing. Because staircase landings are small areas (compared to a typical room) they are ideal spaces for adding a special design. You can add a huge pop of wow without increasing the budget greatly. Staircase landings can occur at the top of a set of stairs, at the bottom, or in between two sets of stairs that change direction (like in the photo above). Either way, you can turn this area into a mini-masterpiece that’s sure to impress guests.

From Simple to Stunning, SVB Can Install Any Kind of Staircase Landings

When it comes to wood floor customization, SVB Wood Floors can create any kind of wood floor design you want. Our skilled wood floor installers can simply change the direction of the planks or color of the wood to bring attention to a landing. We can create a border around the landing that can be basic or ornate. We can add a starburst, diamond or other shape. We can create a woven pattern using several different species and colors of wood. The possibilities are really endless.

We Love Creating Custom Wood Floor Designs

Our installers are pros at designing and installing decorative wood floorsand custom wood floor staircases. In fact, we prefer to do something unique and different. It challenges us to be creative and makes the job more interesting and memorable. Entryways are another area that we’ve seen custom patterns make a huge impact. From staircase landings to entryways to entire rooms, if you have an idea for a creative design, please let us know and we will work with you to create the floor of your dreams. We will show you your options and work with your budget. Wood floors last for decades. Why go with the expected when you can have extraordinary. Call SVB Wood Floors at (913) 213-5187 or (816) 965-8655 for a FREE, no-obligation estimate and design consultation.