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2016 Trends in Wood Floors


Hardwood floors come in all shapes and sizes! Whether you’re after a traditional look, or something that reflects your personal taste, there is a style out there for you. At SVB, we offer many kinds of hardwood flooring, and we love showing off the newest designs and ideas to our customers in our showroom. Check out the upcoming trends for 2016 to see the most popular hardwood flooring options!

(Wondering what we picked last year? Take a look at our 2015 Trend Predictions.)

Chevron Parquet Wood Floors

chevron_wood parquet_trends

Parquet (pronounced par-kay) is a style of flooring that involves small blocks of wood arranged into a repeating design. Parquet floors and designs have been popular for several years, but the chevron pattern that has been taking over the design world has extended into wood flooring – and we bet it’s only going to get bigger this year!

Reclaimed Wood Floors

reclaimed_wood reclaimed_floor

The world is moving toward more environmentally responsible methods, and the wood flooring industry is no exception. If you’re looking into sustainable flooring options, you’ve probably looked at bamboo or even cork flooring, but they just don’t have the feel of hardwood flooring. Enter reclaimed wood floors! Use reclaimed wood for your flooring to reduce the carbon footprint of your home: no logging, and no landfill! Reclaimed wood is also gorgeous and unique, with detail you just can’t find in other kinds of flooring. This trend is sure to make your visitors green with envy!

Wide Wood Planks

wide_planks wide_wood_trend

While many older homes feature wood floors with thin boards, only 2 to 3 inches wide, the planks we’re putting down today are getting wider and wider. The benefit of wider planks is a cleaner visual, so large rooms seem calmer.

Gray Wood Floors

gray_wood_floor gray_wood

If you’ve been keeping up with SVB Wood Floors blog you already know we love gray wood floors! We often think of ‘trends’ as styles that look cool now, but won’t last long. Gray floors, however, are much more than a fad. Because gray is such a muted, elegant color we say you can officially add gray wood floors to your list of classic colors to consider when choosing your next floor.

Whether you’re ready to jump on the latest trend or looking for the most classic of floors, SVB Wood Floors can take care of your new wood floor needs. Give us a call at (816) 965-8655 to schedule your free in-home estimate and begin updating your home!