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4 Wood Floor Care Tips to Follow

Tips for hardwood floor care.Your hardwood floors have just been installed or refinished. So what is the last thing that you want to happen? Damage. SVB Wood Floors put together our top four tips to help keep you and your family from damaging your beautiful wood floors.

1. Do not let sand, dirt, or grit build up on your floor.

When sand, dirt, or grit builds up on floors, these elements can begin to act like sandpaper. What does this mean? It means that when they combine and are stepped on, your floor’s finish can be dulled and abraded.

2. Do not walk on your wood floors with high heels.

Alright ladies, here is one step for you to follow! Try to avoid walking on your home’s wood floors with high heels on. Believe it or not, this can damaged your floor’s finish because small heels concentrate a lot of weight in one place.

3. Do not let your pets’ claws go untrimmed.

Now, here is one that applies to the furry members of your family. Be sure to keep your pets’ claws trimmed to help avoid scratches and gouges to your floor. While your pets may be adorable, they unfortunately are not disaster-proof.

4. Do not use wax, oil soap, or other harsh household cleaners.

Avoid using wax, oil soap, or any other harsh household cleaners on your finished wood floors. These cleaners tend to dull your floor’s finish, which can make refinishing more difficult. Instead, consider following these wood floor-cleaning tips from SVB Wood Floors.

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