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4 Prep Tips Before Having Hardwood Floors Installed or Refinished

Hardwood Floor Installation Picture

Hardwood Floor Installation Picture Having new hardwood floors installed is an extremely exciting time for homeowners. They add so much beauty to the home, and not to mention value too. But before you have your floors installed there is a bit of prep work that homeowners can do to ensure that their experience is flawless.

Move Furniture Off Flooring

First things first, move flooring off of the area where the floors will be installed. Why? When the installers arrive to begin working on your beautiful hardwood floors, they will be able to get going right away. This will help the project finish in a timely manner.

Schedule Activities Out of the Home

With today’s dustless refinishing, there is no need for homeowners to get out of the home or “move out” for the week. However, if our team is working in a common area of your home it may be more convenient for you to schedule activities out of the home. This will help us stay out of your way!

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Retrieve Any Belongings from Rooms Before Hand

Before we get started on installing your home’s hardwood floors, be sure to retrieve any belongings that you may need in the next 24 hours. An example of this would be if you are installing hard wood flooring in your home’s hallway and you use items daily from the bathroom that is off of the hallway.

Crate or Board Your Pet

Does your pet tend to roam the house from room to room? We recommend crating or boarding your pet to keep them out of the house. Oftentimes homeowners will even gate off a section of the home for Fido to continue to roam.

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The team at SVB Wood Floors consistently delivers wonderful wood floor experiences for homeowners. These are just a few tips to help add to the experience. Looking for next steps to installing a hardwood floor? Give us a call at, 913-213-5187 or 816-965-8655.