Hardwood Floor Restoration From Water Damage

At SVB Wood Floors, we are experts at hardwood floor water damage repair and restoration. If the water damage has caused excessive expansion in the floor, which damages the wood, it will have to be removed. Our team of experts will tear out the wood floor, allow the subfloor to dry (or replace it if it is damaged as well) and then replace the floor entirely. Often times, we can replace only the damaged area and weave the new planks into the existing floor boards. Although, it would require us to sand and refinish the entire floor in order for everything to match perfectly. This process can save you thousands of dollars over replacing the entire floor. Our goal is to repair what we can and replace what we have to. But either way, your wood floors will look brand new when we’re done. Here are the wood floor water damage services we provide:

• Damage Evaluation and Estimate
• Dehumidification
• Sanding
• Refinishing
• Subfloor Replacement
• Complete Hardwood Removal
• Hardwood Installation

Hardwood Water Damage Experts in Kansas City

If your floors have been exposed to water, the most important thing to do is to act quickly. Water and wood don’t mix. When hardwood floors are exposed to water, damage is inevitable. Soak up or remove as much water as possible to prevent further damage. Many times, if caught quickly,  the water damaged floors can be saved and a simple refinishing can restore them to pre-loss condition. If possible, we will refinish your floor rather than replace it and save you thousands in repair costs. If the damage is worse, replacement may be your only option.


Signs of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Water DamageNo matter what kind of damage your floors have endured, our wood floor water damage repair experts will make your floors as good as new. Homeowners and business owners alike, ask us how to tell if they need to call a hardwood floor water damage expert or wait to see how the floor recovers.

This situation a little tricky because water damage and repair will be different depending on the kind of hardwood floor you have. Cracking and peeling may be repairable if it only affects the finish. One major sign to look for is cupping, which is when the edges of the planks or boards are higher than the center of the boards, creating a concave shape. This means that the hardwood floor still has a high moisture content and needs to continue to dry out.

When the floor has dried, it will usually ‘crown’ which gives it a rounded, pillowed appearance. Cupping will require sanding and refinishing to repair. Buckling is the worst sign of water damage. If the moisture has totally penetrated the wood, it will warp. If your planks are twisted or bent upward, the floor will have to be removed and replaced.


Call SVB Wood Floors if you suspect water damage, and one of our hardwood water damage repair experts can help assess the situation and give you an estimate on repairing or replacing your wood floors. (913) 213-5187