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3 Surprising Places Where Hardwood Is Replacing Tile

Hardwood Floor in Kitchen PicThere’s no question that hardwood floors are both beautiful and popular. But recently, hardwood floors have become popular in places that haven’t typically been reserved for wood floors, but more for tile. Considering the popularity of wood floors, it was only a matter of time before homeowners started incorporating it into just about every room. This is evidenced by the popularity in home decor magazines as well as a focus on online sites including Pinterest and Houzz. So just where are hardwood floors popping up?

What’s Cookin’ in the Kitchen? Hardwood Floors

Kitchens are one of the most popular places to install hardwood floors. It’s no wonder, considering the benefits hardwood has over tile. Hardwood floors are warmer and easier on your feet. (Think of the hours logged on your feet cooking, washing dishes, etc.) Wood floors are also more universally accepted vs. tile, which tends to be taste specific. If you don’t like the look of hardwood, you can r​efinish it and give it a different color altogether.​With tile, your only option is to replace it. Another advantage wood floors have over tile is that they are more affordable. Sure, you can get into some high­end wood floors that will surpass the price of a tile floor, but generally speaking, wood floors are less expensive than tile due to the labor involved in installation. Wood floors are easy to clean and maintain vs tile ­ no grout to get stained. And finally, wood floors last longer than any other kind of flooring considering that if they start looking worn, they can be refinished many times over.

Hardwood Makes an Entrance

One of the most popular places hardwood is replacing tile is the entryway. Many times, an entryway is surrounded by wood floors. Homeowners are finding that by converting tile entryways to hardwood that matches the surrounding areas, it makes the entry space look larger. Wood floors also provide a warmer feel when you enter a home.

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Hardwood Floors Are Popular in Powder Rooms

Powder rooms (bathrooms without showers or bathtubs) are also joining the wood movement. Many homeowners are converting powder rooms on the first floor to be hardwood so that they are consistent with the rest of the hardwood. While adding hardwood to a heavily used bathroom (especially if young children will be using the tub) is not recommended because wood and water don’t mix, hardwood can be a very practical and stylish option for powder rooms.

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