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Protecting Your Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen



Installing hardwood floors adds immense value to your home. If you opt to
continue your hardwood flooring installation through to your kitchen, you
might be wondering how to protect your investment in a room that is highly
trafficked and often synonymous with water (the natural enemy of your
glorious hardwoods). Here are some easy tips for protecting your hardwoods
in the kitchen!

Strategically Placed Rugs

There are a few “high-risk” areas in your kitchen that require a little extra
protection. Look around your kitchen and note any such areas – common
places are in front of the sink, dishwasher, and under any pet bowls. A
well-placed rug can go a long way in protecting your investment. Be sure to
select the right rug backing that will not discolor or trap moisture on your
floors’ surface.

There are many types of area rug pads to choose from offered in various
materials, thickness, weight, density, sizes, shapes, and quality. To prevent
damage to your floor, the pad should not include any glues, adhesives,
chemicals, plastics, or PVC as these can stain or stick to the floor surface. The
more density and weight of the pad, the more protection from denting
caused by the furniture weight pushing through the area rug. Our
recommendation for the most suitable rug pad on hardwood flooring is
either 100% natural felt, 100% natural rubber, or a combination of both.

Felt Protectors

If you have a kitchen island, you most likely have some bar stools to go with it!
Be sure to place felt protectors on the bottom of the chairs to minimize
scratches and scuffs. Non-abrasive, felt-backed products are best. Rubber or
plastic backed products can trap moisture & discolor your floor.

Regular Cleaning

Today’s hardwood floors are quick and easy to maintain. With a few low-cost
cleaning tools and a little preventative maintenance, they can look beautiful
for years to come. In addition to maintaining a stable environment, your
hardwood floor should be cleaned regularly. Simply sweep, dust mop or
vacuum to remove the dirt & grit that comes with the hustle and bustle of
daily life. In a busy kitchen, spills are bound to happen! Whether it’s a splatter
of brownie batter or a spilled glass of water, quick clean-up is key. When this
happens, immediately wipe up liquid spills with a clean cloth or paper towels.
When necessary, clean your floors with a hardwood floor cleaning product.
Depending on the kind of hardwood floor you have, cleaning instructions can
vary. Remember, we do not recommend all-purpose cleaners as they can dull
your floor’s finish or leave a hazy residue.

If you’re looking for quality, hardwood floor cleaning services in Overland Park or the Kansas City metro, call us today at (913) 396-6863 or (816) 944-3155 for a FREE, no-obligation estimate.