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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Wood Floors in 2017

Modern Home With Wood FloorsThere’s no argument that wood floors make an upscale statement in the home. They not only add value, but they offer tons of options in style and functionality. While the benefits are plenty, there are a few specifics we favor here at SVB Wood Floors. Take a look at our top five reasons to choose wood floors in 2017.

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1. Healthy Living

Over 50 percent of the U.S. population suffers from some type of allergy, and the most common allergens live right in the home. Floors, especially carpeted ones, are typically a haven for all sorts of allergens and germs ranging from dropped food, tracked-in dirt, pet dander, and even chemicals. Hardwood flooring is one of the healthiest options because it’s virtually allergen-free.

2. Cleaning Made Easy

Wood floors are not hard to take care of, as long as you know what you’re doing. They have no fibers to trap dirt so you can either sweep or vacuum them. Use a soft broom to sweep, and once a year give your floors a buffing with a quality wood floor cleaner. This eliminates germs, dust mites, pet dander and house dust.

3. A Variety of Choices

Each variety of hardwood is going to have its own grain, color and physical characteristics. There are also different grades of wood and each of those looks unique. Wide and narrow planks are available, according to your preference and decor. If the choices are confusing, the experts at SVB Wood Floors can give you valuable insights into the right floor for your needs.

Kitchen with wood floors and ceiling4. The Longevity Factor

One of the main reasons wood floors are an attractive investment is that they last for decades. If you’ve taken care of them, your wood floors will be good as new when you sell your home and for many more years down the road. In comparison, carpeting will need replacement in about five years and vinyl floors show wear within two to three years.

5. ROI Makes Wood Floors Worth the Cost

Hardwood floors are going to cost you more initially, but they’ll also provide a strong ROI (return on investment). Your home is immediately worth more and therefore, a better resale value. Realtors confirm that a home with wood flooring not only sells faster, but that many home buyers won’t even look at homes that don’t have them.

To get the most value from your wood floors, proper installation is important. Let the expert team at SVB get the job done right. Click the button below and gain inspiration from some of our previous projects:

Are Your Wood Floors Wearing? Help Them Survive Another Year

Are your beloved hardwood floors looking a bit worse for the wear? If so, there are many steps you can take to keep your floors looking beautiful and help them survive longer. Try these tips from the experts at SVB to prevent further wear and tear.

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Wipe Your Feet, Please!

Dog on doormat wood floor wear preventionAre you constantly concerned about kids, pets, and guests bringing in unwanted grime from outside?

Try using rugs and mats at the entrances to your home to eliminate bringing in the outside elements.

Whether it’s water, mud, dirt or debris, all these elements can cause damage to your wood floors, so it’s important to avoid them when you can.

Ditch the Shoes

While some homeowners feel awkward telling their guests to ditch their shoes at the door, we suggest, at the very least, encouraging your family to do so when they enter your home.

High heels and heavy shoes can not only cause dents and damage, but the debris you bring inside from your shoes can also cause scratches too! If anything, try to have guests wipe their feet when they enter to prevent debris build up.

Felt Pads Are Friends

Are you constantly sliding around and rearranging furniture? The legs on your dining room chairs, couches and tables can cause severe scratches to your hardwood floors over time.

Using felt pads on the bottom of any furniture feet can prevent those unsightly scratches and prolong the life of your floor immensely.

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Clean up the Mess

cleaning water off wood floorsAs we mentioned, dirt and debris tracked in from the outdoors can cause damage if left to linger. This is why regular sweeping and vacuuming are necessary to keep your hardwood floors looking great.

Want to take it  a step further? Break out the Swiffer and do a daily dust and dirt removal to add some extra shine in no time!

Wipe up the Water

Whether it’s being tracked in from the outdoors, or you forget to wipe up a small spill here or there, water will inevitably cause your floor’s finish to dull. But how will you mop?!

If you do mop, make sure it is with as little water as possible and be sure to go over them with a microfiber cloth to absorb any leftover moisture.

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Choose the Right Cleaners

Many people don’t realize it, but certain cleaning solutions can wreak havoc on your hardwood floors. When your floor does need a more detailed clean, make sure you use a cleaner appropriate for wood floors and always check with the manufacturer’s directions.

Are Your Wood Floors past the Point of No Return?

Do you think your floors are too worn and damaged for these tips to help? Call the experts at SVB Wood Floors! Refinishing your hardwood floors can bring them back to their original shine and beauty.

SVB will repair any major areas of damage or wear, and finish your floor with your choice of stain and sealer, for a brand new looking floor, without the hassle of a complete new installation.

Protect the shine and beauty of your hardwood floor with the tips above, and if you decide they need more than a little TLC, trust SVB to restore your floor to its original luster. Give us a call at (816) 944-3150 or schedule an appointment online today!

SVB’s Four Seasons of Wood Floor Care

svb-4-seasons-wood-floor-care-woman-cleaning-floorYour wood floors are one of the biggest assets in your home, so it’s important to give them the care they need. Caring for your wood floors doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you follow some common-sense rules throughout the year. Here are some of the steps you can take to ensure that your wood floors stay beautiful season after season and year after year.

Winter Wood Floor Care

One of the biggest threats to your wood floors during the cold winter months is low humidity. What happens when the humidity drops too low? Your wood floors respond to changes in humidity by shrinking and showing gaps between planks.

Chances are, if you start to experience dry, itchy skin and static electricity shocks, the humidity in your home is making your floor just as “uncomfortable” as you are! Pick up a hydrometer at your local hardware store and make sure the humidity levels don’t drop below 35%. A humidifier can also be added to your furnace to help replenish moisture lost by home heating.

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Spring Wood Floor Care

Also known fondly as “mud season,” spring brings rain designed to green up your lawn, trees and other plants as they awaken from their winter slumber. However, rainfall combined with a thawing ground means there will be plenty of mud to dirty your wood floors.

A large, absorbent mat just inside each entrance will help keep that mud where it belongs and off your wood floors. Keep in mind, when mud dries, it turns hard and gritty. Try to keep your floors as grit-free as possible with regular dry mopping and vacuuming with an attachment designed to be gentle on wood floors. This will prevent any dents or scratches from dulling your wood floors.

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Summer Wood Floor Care

Summer in Kansas City means plenty of heat and even more humidity. Just as too little humidity can damage your hardwood floors during the winter, too much humidity can cause them to expand and buckle during the summer. A good air conditioner should help a great deal, but again, you can refer to your trusty hydrometer to be certain humidity levels don’t rise above 55%.

Fall Wood Floor Care

Fall can also be a time of significant rainfall which enhances the colors of fall foliage and helps deciduous trees shed their leaves. Unfortunately, those brightly colored autumn leaves stick to people’s shoes and get tracked into your home. Again, make sure those all-important absorbent mats are in place at each of your home’s entrances. Droplets of water from wet shoes, day in and day out, can cause insidious damage to a wood floor’s finish over time.

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Year-Round Care

Take care of your hardwood floors by avoiding stomping around in high heels, which can dent them, or heavy-soled work or snow boots which tend to trap dirt in their treads. Always keep your floor as grit-free as possible, and make sure to replace felt pads under furniture, and give your floor an occasional gentle cleaning with a damp mop and a cleaner formulated especially for wood floors. (Note: Do not use “oil soap”, which tends to dull your floor’s finish.)

Refresh the finish on your wood floors every few years, and once a decade or so, have them professionally sanded and refinished. A combination of simple precautions and gentle, consistent maintenance will keep your wood floors in tiptop shape for decades!

Make sure you do your homework before hiring a hardwood floor company to repair, refinish, or install your hardwood floors. Give SVB a call at (816) 944-3150 or schedule an appointment online today!

Get Ahead of the Trend: Wood Floors to Watch for in 2017

Wood floors are a classic choice for any home, but with so many unique styles, this classic flooring material has many manifestations. The sheer number of choices and variations appearing this year prove that it’s possible for a wood floor to be both classic and trendy at the same time. To help you stay ahead of the trends, the experts at SVB are giving you a preview of the wood floor trends to watch for in 2017.

Wider and Longer Planks

svb-wood-floors-wider-longer-planks-2017-trendsOne reason that people are gravitating toward wider planks in 2017, is because these big, beautiful planks have the ability to open up a space and make small rooms look larger.

In addition to plank options becoming wider, there are also more options for longer planks, some stretching all the way up to 14 feet long! These longer planks result in fewer seams and a smoother looking floor overall. Wide plank floors can be installed vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally, for a trendier look.

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Dark Rich Stains

Sure, classic honesvb-wood-floors-dark-rich-stains-2017-trendsy tones are still “in style” and will likely never go out of style, but the trend for 2017 is a movement toward dark, rich stains like ebony, dark mahogany, and a deep warm walnut. The deeper and darker the color, the bolder the impact.

Different species of hardwoods are more or less receptive to these darker stains, and bear in mind that woods with natural red tone are going to produce different variations of certain stain colors. For expert help and guidance when choosing the right dark stain color for your type of wood flooring, trust the professionals at SVB Wood Floors.

Shades of Grey

svb-wood-floors-grey-hardwood-flooring-2017-trendsGrey is making a splash throughout homes in cabinetry, wall colors, and yes — on wood floors too! People have come to realize that grey is the perfect neutral as well as a great way to “modernize” a room.

Grey also has a beautiful way of bringing out the grains and texture in wood flooring. From light neutral greys to the deepest charcoal, it’s a trend that’s spreading throughout the country with no signs of stopping!

Lime-Washed Looks

svb-wood-floors-lime-washed-wood-flooring-2017-trendsBack in the day it was known as “pickling,” an old white-washing technique that originated in high-end homes in Europe and made its way to other countries.

The original “pickling” formula was a mixture of lime and water, but today’s formula is much less caustic. The object is to fade and age the appearance of woods like oak and ash to give them an airy, coastal feel.

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Low-Gloss Finishes

svb-wood-floors-low-luster-gloss-finish-2017-trendsThough a high-gloss wood floor is a classic look, there’s been a shift lately to lower-gloss finishes which offer several benefits. A low-luster wood floor tends to hide small scratches and dents better than a high-gloss floor.

It also does a good job of masking dust and footprints, which makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas in your home. The lower luster  puts more focus on the wood itself, resulting in a more “authentic” look.