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Learn Why Now is the Perfect Time for A Wood Floor Facelift

christmas-decorations-wood-floors-svb-kansas-city-holiday-refinishEarly Fall is easily the best time to touch up your home. With just enough time before the holiday season kicks in, this time of year is a great opportunity to evaluate whether your home could benefit from a quick project. Make sure your home looks its best before your holiday guests start arriving!

A great way to quickly freshen up the look of your interior is giving your hardwood floors a recoat or refinish. Let’s take a look at these quick and efficient options:

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The Fastest Choice: Recoating

sanding-wood-floors-svb-kansas-cityThe benefits of hardwood flooring are many, but the one true flaw is the sometimes unsightly scuffing that gathers over time. Thankfully, a professional recoat is a minimally invasive process, and it only takes a few hours.

Often, the scuffs on your hardwood flooring are actually caused by a layer of dirt and grime that naturally gathers on your flooring over time. There’s a good chance a simple recoat treatment is all you need: A few hours of work, two days to rest, and you can move your furniture right back over hardwood that looks brand new.

The Slower (But Still Pretty Quick!) Choice: Refinishing

If it turns out your hardwood flooring has more physical damage than scuffing, you’ll need to have a professional refinish your floors. Thankfully, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The best modern sanding processes are minimally invasive, dust-free operations.

You’ll move your furniture out of the area that needs work. Depending on your square footage, 3-4 days is the upper limit before your home is right back where it was earlier in the week, except with floors that look immaculate enough that your guests will likely be compelled to comment.

Choosing a Professional to Recoat or Refinish Your Wood Floors

SVB Wood Floors is the National Wood Flooring Association’s 2016 Wood Floor of the Year award winner, and they’re ready to serve the Kansas City area throughout this winter. Beyond winning awards, SVB has experienced professionals and the highest-quality equipment to support them. SVB is the dependable choice for hardwood floor work this holiday season.

Whether you’re looking to repair, install, or refinish your hardwood floors, leave it to the experts at SVB Wood Floors. Give us a call at (816) 965-8655.

When Wood Floors Meet Tile: Important Tips You Can’t Miss

hardwood-floors-tile-grout-gap-svb-wood-floors-kcAdding hardwood floors to your home while keeping your existing tile in the next room can make a beautiful contrast while increasing your home’s value. However, there are a few important things you need to know before you start this project, in order to make sure that the end product is everything you envisioned.

First and foremost, you’ll need to know how to fill the grout gap between the two types of flooring once they’re finished. SVB is breaking down all the tips you’ll need to know in order to accomplish this task quickly and seamlessly.

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What Is A Grout Gap or Grout Line?

grout-gap-wood-floor-and-tile-svb-kansas-cityBefore you start a project of adding wood flooring next to tile, know that after the wood is laid, there will be a small, unavoidable gap between the two types of flooring.

This is typically called a grout line or a grout gap, and it will need to be filled in order to achieve a seamless look between the two types of flooring.

When to Expect a Grout Gap In Your Wood Flooring Project

Anytime a hardwood edge meets a tile edge, this small crack will not only be natural, but necessary to achieve a smooth transition. Whether the tile is in a bathroom, kitchen, or around a fireplace where the wood butts up to the tile, there will be a grout line that needs to be filled. However, the common question we receive from homeowners is who’s supposed to fill this grout gap?

Who to Hire to Fill Grout Gaps

finished-grout-gap-hardwood-floors-svb-kansas-cityMany assume that because this task must be done after your hardwood floors are finished, that your wood flooring company will be responsible. However, this is a common misconception. To eliminate this gap, you must schedule your tile company to return to your home and apply grout to this space.

The reason your tile company should be in charge of this task is due to the tricky process of matching grout colors. The tile company that installed your tile will have a record of the exact type and color of tile and grout used on the original installation. Using the original grout color will maintain the continuity of your floor, while also hiding the new grout line.

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When to Schedule Your Tile Company to Fill Grout Gaps

To avoid wasting time, schedule your tile company to come right after the wood flooring installation, but only once the wood has had time to cure. It is crucial to make sure the timing is right, and we suggest consulting with your wood floor company for further instruction. Adding this small amount of grout will only take a short time, so scheduling the return of your tile company should be a simple add-on to finish up your remodeling job.

At SVB Wood Floors, we want to make your remodeling project as smooth and seamless as possible.  

6 Tips for Preparing Your Wood Floors for Fall

prepare-wood-floor-for-fall-svb-hardwood-flooring-kansas-cityIf you have wood floors in your home, it’s time to prepare them for fall! While keeping your floors in good condition is important year round, colder weather brings a particular set of challenges including more scratches and gaps between boards. To help you prepare, follow these tips from the experts at SVB Wood Floors:

1. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your wood floors is an essential part of their maintenance and upkeep. Debris can build up, causing scratches or rough patches to form on the wood when it gets stepped on and dragged across the floor. Vacuuming helps keep the floor free from debris and also gives your wood floors a clean, shiny look that will brighten up your whole home.

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2. Keep a Mop Handy & Don’t Forget Door Mats

Cold weather often comes with moisture, whether it be rain or snow. When guests enter your home, they often track that water and dirt along with them. Water and other debris can have a harmful effect on your floors, and it’s important to get any puddles cleaned up quickly before they cause wood floor boards to warp or gap.

By keeping a mop or rag in a handy location near the entrances of your home, you can make clean up a much quicker task. A more convenient option may be placing door mats wherever guests may enter your home. This reduces the amount of water and dirt on your wood floors, plus you can choose a welcome mat that will enhance your decor.

3. Always Monitor Humidity

Colder weather often means drier air in your home which can cause your wood floors to shrink slightly, creating gaps between the planks. To avoid this, you must monitor the humidity in your home. The easiest way to do this is with a hydrometer which can be purchased at your local home improvement store. The ideal indoor humidity levels are between 35 and 50 percent. If you find that your home’s levels are too low, consider running a humidifier to bring them up.

4. Put Felt Pads on the Bottom of Furniture

Many times, around the holiday season, families rearrange furniture to accommodate guests. Scraping the furniture across your wood floor can leave scratches or other marks. To avoid this, lift up your furniture, and place felt on any surface that comes in contact with the floor. Felt will help the furniture slide easier when being moved and will not scratch the wood.

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5. Make Sure Indoor Plants Have Bases to Catch Water

If you move plants inside for the colder months, make sure that each pot has a base underneath it to catch any excess water. Water can be damaging to your wood floors, and it may go unnoticed under a plant with no base. Better to take precautions early.

6. Close and Lock Windows

The summer months mean windows open to the warm breeze, but it’s important to remember to close and lock your windows when fall approaches. If windows aren’t properly secured, rain and snow can leak through and damage wood floors. In addition, the air that can also enter through these gaps can lower the temperature of your home and increase your utility bills.

Contact SVB Wood Floors today and find out how we can make your wood floor dreams a reality! And for more helpful tips regarding the upkeep of your wood floors, check out our blog.


Design Trend Spotlight: Beautiful Wire Brushed Wood Flooring

wire-brushed-wood-floors-entryway-svb-wood-floor-kansas-citySome degree of distressing adds character to hardwood flooring; however, not everyone wants their floors to have a very rough appearance. For those who enjoy a degree of smoothness, and a distressed touch, wire brushed hardwood flooring might be the  flooring option for you. What is wire brushed flooring and what does it add to your home? That’s something we cover below in our design trend spotlight.

What are Wire Brushed Floors?

up-close-wire-brushed-hardwood-floor-svb-wood-floors-kansas-cityWire brushed floors are planks that have been roughed up slightly with a stiff-bristled steel or wire brush. Similar to etching, this allows for a subtle texture to the wood without eliminating its smooth appearance. Scraping the flooring with a wire brush removes the soft grain of the wood from the growth ring, allowing the heartwood to be exposed. This method emphasizes the grain of the wood more clearly, without looking too rough.

Wire brushing can be performed on any type of flooring, but is typically done on closed grain species such as maple. Solid, engineered, and reclaimed hardwood can all be subject to wire brushing. After being brushed, each board is sanded lightly by hand so that it is smooth to the touch, yet the woodgrain pattern remains clearly visible.

More Durable

contemporary-wire-brushed-wood-flooring-svb-wood-floors-kansas-cityMany people are surprised to learn that wire brushing not only changes the look of hardwood floors, but that it also makes it more durable. That’s because the softer wood on the surface is removed, leaving the more rugged heartwood to withstand everyday wear and tear. This makes wire brushing ideal for any room that receives a great deal of foot traffic, or in spaces where heavy furniture and objects are regularly dragged across the floor.

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Find Your Groove (And Fall Less)

The wire brushing process results in tiny grooves in the surface of the floor. Even when coated with polyurethane, these grooves provide a higher degree of traction, making it less likely that people will slip and fall on them. As such, they are perfect for households with children or senior citizens.

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wire-brushed-hardwood-floors-kitchen-svb-wood-floor-kansas-cityFor many people, the decision to go with wire-brushed planks stems from the fact that they are more affordable than distressed ones. Since wire-brushed planks tend to be more durable than traditional, otherwise treated hardwood floors, they also provide an excellent value for the money.

Since wire brushing never goes out of style, there is no need to worry about having to update your floors in only a few years. Your floors will also continue to look like new for as long as you own them.

Wire brushed wood flooring looks charming in any home, yet is practical enough to stand up to extended wear. If you would like to know more about wire brushed hardwood, contact us online today!